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  1. Thank you! This is exactly what we were asking for lol! It wasn't even insulting! You, my friend, deserve a medal. I haven't even reached lvl 25 yet, so there was no way for me to know any of this, and the guy who was responding before was just being a 8====D! Luckily, I figured out how to ignore someone on the forums. Next tip of the year. ***There is an ignore option in the forums, and it does work!! :D***
  2. Again, nothing useful. Thank you for all of your useless information. Good day.
  3. You should really study the difference between whining and discussing. Most of these people are not here to complain or whine, they are here to ask questions and get feedback. Or in some cases, to find out if anyone else is having the same issues as them, and how we can possibly go about resolving these issues. You have replied to this post several times, and haven't said one single thing that was either helpful or encouraging. So, why are you even still doing this? If it makes you feel mighty to come on here and talk down to a bunch of people who are new to the game, that is just sad. I hope
  4. Like I said, all I am suggesting is that upon hitting level 15, there should be some kind of !WARNING! that you will 99% not be facing someone evenly matched. I'm saying that because a lot of people would go play their first arena match, go against someone twice their level, and get killed in a few hits, without being able to move or defend themselves, and then never touch arena again. I'm saying there should be a warning. That's it, and it's really not that baffling or extreme. Just suggesting some kind of real warning. Not just, hey you're level 15, you can now go do controlled PvP. Most peo
  5. I agree with the level suggestion. I just wasn't aware going in to it that I would be at such a disadvantage, there were no prior warnings about being matched up with whatever level is waiting to play. I'm not saying it is a bad game, or bad PvP. I am saying it could be constructed better on the Arena side. I would be perfectly fine with waiting 2 hours to fight someone my level. That's just my opinion. It doesn't sway the way I feel about the game as a whole. Just a minor annoyance, and I am sure they will work it out over time. However, it would probably be better to offer PvP at lvl 30-40 i
  6. I got killed in 2 hits lol. I think I'm beyond working on my technique. But you are probably right, it will probably get better when more people play, at least I hope so lol. I was lvl 15 and this person was level 37, so it was just kind of like, "well *cricket*". I think I will wait until there is some more news about it all later. I play plenty of competitive PvP games, this was not one of them lol. However, the open world PvP is fun. I enjoy fighting with people around my level, except when there are like 3 of them on me lol. But then I can just go on Faction chat and call for help. I'm not
  7. What is the point of doing PvP when your opponents are twice your level? Sure, there has been an attempt to even the match, but they have way better abilities than me. I'm thinking I will pass on Arena PvP in BnS. Just sad..
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