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  1. Pleeeeease do something about all the issues addressed here. It would be greatly appreciated. 1. Longer chat limit 2. The amount of text you can input actually matching the amount of text you can post 3. Custom emotes ( /em ) 4. Option to toggle emotes being triggered when you type something in chat
  2. Chat Limit *cricket*ing sucks.

    Idk what you consider an essay, man. Some of us don't speak in two syllable grunts. Please increase chat limit; it's painful.
  3. Looking for PVE/RP clan

    Faction membership does matter. You can change factions anytime, but there's an in game fee, just an FYI. :)
  4. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    Actually, it is the unofficial RP server. Small as the amount of RPers may be, Jiwan is where all those who wish to RP in B&S have decided to go. I venture you'll see more once the log in queues quit being awful and folks have more time to level, plan their characters, and establish RP hubs and clans. As for unofficial BR server? I dunno, I don't know that they aren't on every server. I'm not sure why folks make such a big deal out of it? I haven't seen much Portuguese, and none of it has been outright spam (all spam has been from English speakers and gold sellers, who've been way more grating than the occasional "alguem guild BR?"). BR's tend to be awful players but are otherwise pretty harmless and not usually bad people, there's just a language barrier that prevents a lot of them from learning/understanding game mechanics. No matter what server you're on, if you do a cross-server party, you might end up with them, anyway.
  5. Petition: Chat Size Increase.

    Yes, please. I'm an RPer, so I'd really like to see this implemented. I understand the concerns with spam, but I'd like to at least see this done for /say chat where spam won't really be an issue. As the OP said, the character limit is so small that even outside from role-play, it's difficult to explain dungeons or other game mechanics, and sometimes it can even get in the way of idle conversation. /Region and /faction may not need longer chat limits if spam is that much of a concern, but it would be very helpful for /say, /party, and clan chat.
  6. Figured I'd post it here for any Jiwan players interested (hopefully it's okay). Here it is!
  7. You can find it here!
  8. Dawnguard is a social, casual role-play clan on the Jiwan server under the Cerulean Order. We strive for a clan that not only role-plays, but is well-rounded in all aspects of the game, namely PvE and PvP. We want to create a laid-back, mature, drama free environment. Non-RPers are welcome. The clan was made recently, so everything's still a work in progress. The actual IC function of the clan is still being discussed and decided based on the ideas and desires of our current members. This thread will be updated when the clan is more fleshed out! Recruitment is currently selective to recommendation from current members. If you don't know anyone in the clan but would like to join, please contact Faye in game. We'll invite you to spend some time with us, and if we feel you are a good fit, we will extend an invitation to the clan. Feel free to visit our website!