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  1. Already sent a Ticket in and waiting on response. We shouldn't be having to send a ticket though, We are losing play time on the character we want to play
  2. The problem is the received items but like the other post above mention. We have things saved for Warden that can't be traded in the item claim. For example Exp Charms. The voucher has to be in first slot on the first page. If my Exp charms are in the way i have to dump them on a alt and never be able to give them to my warden -_-
  3. Yeah i really wanted to play warrior and have it at level 50. Suck i can't use scroll. Please fix soon as possible or more info!
  4. Kuronee

    top dps?

    Korea Current top is this Sum>FM>sin>SF>BD>Warlock>BM>KFM>>Destroyer Sin can be higher dps but with the new bosses aoes and spinning they can't maintain perm stealth
  5. Greetings friend thank you for posting this i would never actually know about this because i didn't read my mail. Anyway you have to go to your account and go under apply code. Look blade & soul you see that you have a code. If you do not have a code please contact support. Furthermore to answer your other question. It is 5 Standard coral and 1 regular coral.
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