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  1. Already sent a Ticket in and waiting on response. We shouldn't be having to send a ticket though, We are losing play time on the character we want to play
  2. The problem is the received items but like the other post above mention. We have things saved for Warden that can't be traded in the item claim. For example Exp Charms. The voucher has to be in first slot on the first page. If my Exp charms are in the way i have to dump them on a alt and never be able to give them to my warden -_-
  3. Yeah i really wanted to play warrior and have it at level 50. Suck i can't use scroll. Please fix soon as possible or more info!
  4. Helix-Dimensional volley is better then dragoncall bombardment right now, It will always be better then dragoncall no matter what. With the new awakened skills dragoncall gets close to helix build. Of course helix will always better because it is instant cast and instant hit. There is no delay in the hitting like dragoncall. With the soul badges in korea dragoncal is almost equal to helix dps. Like i said before helix only triumphs because it is faster,need no chi and instant cast. No in saying this dragoncall does NOT need a buff. Dragoncall will get a dps boost when we get the
  5. i played SF for a long time with that Hm and skill tree. I can tell you that there is no problems at all with it. It is a 1 sec iframe. Meaning you pretty much only iframe 1 attack. You should be using the middle tree for pvp anyway and that tree for pve.
  6. Yes it was nerfed and seems to be a intentional nerf to make it harder to get badges. Well take longer anyway.
  7. I was going to put a long winded post about this but ill sum it up for you. 95% of the outfits are rng deal with it. Certain outfits you can buy from achievement merchant or get them from events. Even the new outfit is rng. They are not going to change that for you. You do not need the outfit and it is not affecting new players leveling development. They are making it easier for you to get boxes. 30+ tries for outfit. I don't see anyone complaining about the lycan outfit being RNG
  8. Kuronee

    Legendaty wep??

    Baleful is better till Seraph stage 10 comes or until we get the legendary soul SS that gives us helix damage. 7 Seconds off Leech is not a big deal. With the new changes to imprison baleful is better. Once we get the legendary SS it is better to switch to seraph for helix build. If you are using Dragoncall build then go with Seraph no matter what. Because Dragoncall relies on leech. Of course this is just my personal testing and experience. Meaning my personal opinion to. I would say just go with what you like. If you are into fashion then go seraph
  9. If you watch the the pvp stream you could see how broken sin is. Virus is really skilled though. I agree we need more ways to knock sins our or even detect them. If anything nerf Thier perm stealth. Although virus was the only sin I seen so far use dark build
  10. This post made me cringe and have a headache. On how biased it is and how I feel it is directed at me. I also not given a actual response this because it is not worth my time. I don't feel like arguing with you and end up derailing the thread. We can happily agree to disagree on BM. Also I never said fire bm tab. Your very welcome mate. I am generally a polite person. I only get annoyed or little mean when I am being attacked or dealing with stupidity. Yeah the reason why warlocks struggle in pvp. It because you need immense skill or win trading to get high up. They we
  11. Your response confused me, then again i am reading this at 2 am in the morning. No reason to change class. Both classes are strong but BM is one of the strongest pvp/pve classes atm. KFM can still be annoying as hell in pvp and still beat people. I only played KFM in aplha. Never once played BM. Though i face enough bms and kfms on a daily basis on my warlock. Also have a KFM and BM in my main static for desolate tomb. I would rated the exactly the same way you did expect for Difficulty. Fire BM is stupidly easy to play even a monkey could do it. lighting bm requires more skil
  12. Hm block is 5 seconds resist and Warding spirit is 10secs
  13. i wouldn't mind another merchant event. it would be funny to see them put a merchant in tainted lab for the Laughs. Because everyone hates that dungeon
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