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  1. i had 800 WHITE ORBS, and you mean tell me i can't use them anymore? are you guys serious rn? they were 3-4g each on the market literally lost gold and no compensation, and these were orbs i use to do events, and you guys are not doing any THING ABOUT IT. i'm literally about to quit this game, fix this problem right now. this isn't funny. it's literally a market item.. that goes for gold.
  2. Missing Gems/items

    NVM i found them on my skin weapon... lol
  3. So i noticed when i went to my bank 2 of my gems were missing, idk if this has recently happen to you guys but i just noticed it today. and what i'm missing is a Peridot gem i got from token daily dash event, and a Citrine i got from whirlwind event, both flawless HM attack gems(account bound gems). this happened on my KFM, so if it happen to you guys or have not noticed i suggest you guys check for any items/gems missing from bank or inventory. i have already sent in a ticket, and hopefully they will check my item log and restore my items!
  4. join here for all you mushin players and invite your friends to this group too! trying to hit 500+ members maybe 1k+ later on
  5. Facebook Mushin server group page URL! <Click trying to get group page members! get to know each other! going for over 1k members and up++!invite all your friends~~
  6. Will they ever release items/decos with glow effects and will they ever put in enchantment for items for extra bonus stats? lets make this topic big!