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  1. I think the problem is that the devs do not post when any of these changes have been made. There is a history of implementations to the game that are not covered by any patch notes. And we have to find out these changes on our own and through places other than the official website/forums.
  2. I don't understand their reasoning on how they want to make their money. It seems as if RNG Boxes and Troves are the only ways they want to generate cash. Lets not forget the insanity that was black Friday, where there was only one sale - for trove keys. Where pretty much every other game had discounts for the whole week on a lot of their items, except BnS. And dont get me started on the lack of premium member discounts, in which I think more sales of cash shop items will be purchased by these premium members. It is pretty clear that many people were looking forward to buying outf
  3. I was just joking. its probably just a bug
  4. Outfit only appears when soul burn gives 50% crit damage
  5. Now that it has been announced that Hybrid badges are coming, Which hybrid badge is going to be a good choice to go with? is it wrong to think that Blue Moon and Transcendence badge combo will be the way to go? the badges that give chi stacks on breeze kick and howling blast.
  6. They're working to make it easier to understand. That page is per account, so if an item says sold out then that means its only sold out to you. If haven't purchased anything then you have to click buy on another item (it wont charge you if you don't complete the purchase) then go back out and the items should be reset. If that doesn't work restart. All this is according to what I read on twitter.
  7. that page seems to rotate. so im sure they will be back
  8. Any update on this now that game is back online?
  9. Did this get fixed? I was looking forward to crafting a new outfit.
  10. The reason there is no reset is because they know this event dungeon sucks and no one would want to run this more than once per day.
  11. yeah this is pretty lame that the announcement was not properly delivered to us. really disappointed.
  12. I understand that the game needs to make money, and I'm all for it. However, as a premium member you get the extra spin and bonus spaces as a bonus for opting in to the premium subscription. Those bonuses go away when there is a trove, as such they should be replaced with a bonus of equivalent value, especially since you have to pay for your prize anyway. If for example premiums get 3 chances per day, there is more chance that they will crit and get a gem that costs 100g, but new players, alts, or someone who recently upgraded might not have that 100g so they might ctrl+c and buy that gold wit
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