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  1. KFM or Soul Fighter or Destroyer

    Pick whichever class looks the coolest. Difficulty doesn't matter because you get more than enough practice hitting stuff in pvp and pve. Dps rank doesn't matter because that's too dependant on gear progression and dev balance that can change every patch. Personal recommendation is KFM, due only to the fact that they can tank for parties they don't outgear. I encourage you to pick SF or Destro in an instant if you like their visuals more.
  2. Legit Question: Are Arena Bots Gone Yet?

    No obvious bots. Just afkers in all modes, but concentrated in 3v3 and 6v6 mostly.
  3. Is anyone satisfied here?..

    Pretty satisfied with the content. Ton of stuff to do with people to do that stuff with at all char and gear levels. And all the classes I've tried are pretty darn fun. Not too satisfied with the ingame economy. Slightly salty about optimization. Leveled ranged to 50 first, but will likely go back to BM and try Destro. Not looking forward to the open world stuff. Annoyed with how they handle cash shop cosmetics. I like to pay cash for account wide costumes. And use ingame currency for gear upgrades. Now I sell gold for cash currency to get 1 char costumes, so other people can use cash to buy gear upgrades. Pretty messed up. On tilt with what the sub gives, especially since it's my prefered way to pay for mmorpgs. No character inventory/bank space. Just costume storage(that's char locked and you can't directly equip stuff from). You have to level it(by purchasing cash shop stuff), with only worthwhile bonuses coming at level 4 and 9. And even a year prepaid sub won't get you level 9. So back to selling gold, to buy costumes. Which levels your sub... for some odd reason.
  4. (Soul Shields) What do I do after profane? Probably the best organized info for max soul shield. If you don't have your lab soul yet, grind for that. Otherwise ignore the 45 stuff and focus on 50 dungeon soul shields.
  5. I believe its Breeze where you get 4th. All versions make you pay for slot 5 and 6 however, so that should be safe to purchase.
  6. As for the 50 patch, you get 4 free gem slots when you're done upgrading. So if you haven't used a gem hammer to upgrade your slot amount, don't use it now until you upgrade enough to get 4 free. Also a known buff if you go the oathbreaker route you might temporarily lose the 4th gem slot, even if you opened it early.
  7. F8 is perfectly fine. People like to focus on the random bad run and ignore the vast majority that are complete faceroll and very smooth. Its not unusual for people to go fresh 45 straight into poh. Anything is fine for e-fleet because you get zone wide +50% crit, which is additive with gear. Which means you'll be at 90% crit. And profane is what you're meant to do poh in.
  8. New ways to get HQ Fabrics?!

    Accessories are definitely what I'm talking about. I think I specifically mentioned issues with bringing over friends who are either new to the game or not current on gear.
  9. New ways to get HQ Fabrics?!

    Really do need other ways for fabric/HQ fabric. Selling gold for coins is fine and dandy, but I'm not attracting to friends to a game with such a key upgrade route locked throttled by rmt. I play the game, I earn power. I spend cash, I look pretty. This works well and games live and thrive a long time. Anything different is just asking for less players and less long term revenue.
  10. How P2W is this game?

    You can buy gold with money. That directly translates to power due to how the gear upgrade system works and how the ability upgrade system works. Weapon/Accessory does have an impact on world pvp and can be bought with money. Soul shields cannot be bought money and also have an impact. Weapon/Accessories and Soul shields have no impact on arena pvp (1v1 or 3v3). Abilities that can be purchased with gold can have an impact, but is heavily dependant on the class you play. 2~3 weeks of max level play will have you gear plateau with one character, without spending anything. Everyone ends up with the same gear eventually. Experienced players can do it in a much shorter interval. Only arena rank and certain cosmetics have any kind of exclusivity. Is the game p2w? The definition isn't clearly defined and studios make a career out of making and exploiting the grey area of acceptance. Those are the facts of cash and power in BnS, so make your own choice on putting the label on BnS.
  11. Is this game worth coming back too?

    Might as well give it a shot. Not many f2p mmorpg games out right now that aren't older than dirt. And since it is f2p you can't beat the price. Spam is a persistent annoyance, so expect to spend the first few minutes of login ignoring bots that have taken over faction and regional chat. Won't miss much if you just disable them all and join the largest social guild you can. Arena pvp bots are a pretty numerous as well when starting out. Somewhat of an issue if you want competitive play quickly, because you have to rank up quite a bit to start facing mostly human opponents. Not too bad if you just want your daily done. There is always people looking to spar, so if you don't mind getting beat up (its the high ranks that usually do it) it's the fastest way to face a person and never fight a bot. Haven't seen many hackers, but they tend to get banned way faster than the bots do. Getting people to do content is still pretty darn easy, as long as you use the tools provided. Friends list, then clan, then f7, and f8 to fill. Tech issues remain, but if you didn't have ping problems before you'll usually be safe now.
  12. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    While super high requirements are an annoyance, the reasoning behind it is simple. People like to play with other folks at the same gear level. If someone is too well geared you feel useless in a run and its not very fun. If someone is too low geared you feel like they're a liability or barely better than a afk bot. The most common requirement is 400 for the new dungeon or for 4man farms. Everyone knows you can complete them with less, but if you're not at 400 then farming the easier dungeons will get you larger upgrades and faster gold for the time spent. So you not only slow down their run, you slow down your own progression. So keep plugging away at solo brightstone, blackram dungeons, and tower. You'll be there before you know it.
  13. Tomb of Exiles, worst party experience so far.

    Tomb gets a bad rap for a ton of things. A few ways you can ease your way into the dungeon and get the experience you want is to abuse the f8 dungeon finder tool a bit. No penalty for leaving. As soon as you see level 45s(esp HM3+) you can leave and try again. Getting a group that's between 36 and 40 won't take too many tries at rerolling. Another tip is just general dungeoning in BnS. Avoiding spawn will be easier if you just jump where they jump and sprint/normal run when they sprint/normal run. Blowing your stamina early will just leave you with the horde and unable to highjump. As long as they are ahead you should be able to stay out of combat longer than them. If something aggro'd on you, you can force the mob to leash/reset if you glide over their head. Use ctrl+f to turn off teammate models. This allows you to clearly see animations and avoid nearly all damage. AE CC abilties are also key in avoiding damage from the swarm. For single target, I find it always useful to spec into two of the same kind of CC. Works on all bosses you'll likely to fight and allows you buy more time for iframe cooldowns with mounts, chokes, or grabs. Depending on your class, you likely can solo it. If not at 36, then definitely at 40. Death penalties are pretty light so don't be afraid to experiment. Soloing dungeons is a decent way to make money at 45 so the stuff you learn now will only help.
  14. Crit ruby can be traded, but not listed in market. Proc chance is tied to gem quality and internal cooldown and even number of hit is tied to gem type. I hear the top line crit ruby can do multiple hits. If it isn't Ap or drain, it's unlikely to have any noticeable impact. So you can just use whatever you want. Additional damage isn't as good as it seems because its a proc chance, not 100%. The damage isn't modified by anything, and it can't crit.
  15. We need a back shot.. For science.