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  1. You guys robbed people of thousands of gold when they bought soulstones and transmuted pet pods from marketplace and converted them into pet pods, that you eliminated from their inventories. That's literally robbery of peoples' personal times and efforts, regardless of where those pet pods came from. If you wanted to reverse it, you could have returned the soulstones and transmutation gold spent to those people who had transmuted pods in their inventories, just like you returned the mats from the Silversteel 6 reversals. It's really shameful and demoralizing how you gu
  2. Started happening a couple hours ago when I went into Koldrak at 6pm. Ping was 500ms+ Thought maybe it was my internet, but tried again just now and it's still the same. Some friends are also reporting this issue. I'm on the west coast. My internet is fine--not showing any adverse Internet issues on my side. It's only within the instance where ping is bad. Edit: Happening outside of instances as well.
  3. Also please compensate 1 day of premium to premium members per day of downtime......... We paid for 30+ days, and didn't get the value from at least today.
  4. And unfortunately, some of us have kids and so we usually only get a little over an hour per night to play. Just sucks! Oh and not to mention, we lost out on time for a wishing lamp since we can't do the dailies -_- And there's only several days remaining.
  5. A lot of us were unable to complete our dailies because the server suddenly took a turn for the worst. Can't connect to game, disconnected from game, can't get into dungeons, can't retrieve quests, etc.
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