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  1. So, I found a workaround for those of you who have Razer Chroma SDK.  Activate it and that should allow for you to launch and log in.  After you get to the "enter your pin" prompt, disable Razer Chroma SDK and that should prevent your client from crashing with the 4049 error

  2. 1 hour ago, LynnLynn said:

    If you are running any Razer software. Enable "Razer Chroma SDK Services". Restart your computer and load the game


    All thinks to Clazziqual


    Not a viable solution.  This just causes the game to crash ten minutes in with the resulting 4049 error.  That aside, all Razer software has been uninstalled, so that's not the issue.

  3. 17 hours ago, Koter said:

    I'm not bad. I pvp'd in WoW for almost 8 years and got pretty high rating like 1800+ every season. So no i'm not bad. I know how to pvp.


    17 hours ago, Koter said:

    Have you played WoW? Have you done arenas in WoW? It's actually does require skill because you have to setup ccs and burst. Please don't comment on something you know nothing about.

    First and foremost: calm down, you're starting to sound like a whining 3 year old.
    Secondly: just becuase you're good at pvp in one game doesn't make you good in another.  
    Third: you came here to rant about having trouble pvping, and sure, I get it because I get frustrated too.

    Lastly: listen to the people who are replying to you.  They were serious, and you just disregarded their advice and input because you're twisted up by some sort of superiority complex.  They offer real advice and you're too stuck up to take it.  I play a destroyer and I can't stun lock ANY gold ranked pvper because they all just 'slip' away from one stun, the next one, and then resist the third one, and then breaks out of my grapple once I finally have them pinned down.  Not ONE specific class, but pretty much all of them.


    P.S.  Stop talking about WoW.  You're coming to THIS GAME'S forums and telling people here about how good you are at ANOTHER  game with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT play mechanics and how that makes YOUR opinion important.  If that were the case, I'd be like.  I R SO GUD AT USFIV, Y U NO THINK I PWN U?  It's PvP at a level of technicality that WoW could never touch, but you don't see me leveraging that experience as a reason to be heard here.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Enamour said:

    They do not resist knock downs and interrupts like blade master's Z. This is coming from personal experience. If you throw your cc at the beginning of our spin however, that .5 second will parry. I don't know if I can make this any more simpler for you.

    Exactly.  As a destroyer, I can attest to this.  That, and the destroyer has 2 different spins.  The blue spin has .5 seconds of parry at the start (and that's about it), while the red spin can have massive resists (only when specced to do so), but has a 30sec-1min cooldown (depending on the specs).  Nothing scary, just wait a second after you see a blue spin and then you can get right in there.  Most match-ups are fairly balanced with other classes, but I've had trouble with just about every class as destroyer (F**K forcemasters).

  5. I didn't see this elsewhere but here's the problem.  After the update, the BnS launcher throws up the splash screen after I enter my login info.  Once the splash screen fades and the BnS application loads, I get to see the NCSOFT logo, and as soon as that fades, the application crashes to desktop with a "send to this report to NCSOFT" prompt. BnS was working fine before this latest update and nothing on my computer was changed, so it's beyond me as to why it's not working anymore aside from the update screwing with something.  As I said, everything was fine before latest patch, so no Razer crash or E0XXXXX errors before, and none now.

  6. So, I was talking to a friend and he told me that soul shield stats are specific for each class.  I know that the higher level ones have different stats upon unsealing, but I did not expect them to have stat differences based on class.  The largest part of our conversation comes with a discussion of whether or not a destroyer could get more hit points from the same soul shield roll compared to a force master or if the differences are solely dependent on RNG?  Thanks!

  7. A quick way to fix this is to shut down all blade and soul related programs (namely gameguard), then delete the gameguard folder in you BnS directory, and then launch the game again.  It will detect that game guard is missing and redownload it, then you should be able to log in again.  It's not a permanent solution because another crash can give you the 4049 error and then you'll have to repeat the purging of the gameguard folder, but you won't have to do a full system restart

  8. Well, I'm not currently running into any queue problems, but I am crashing repeatedly.  I was hoping that launch would go off without a hitch but, well: there goes another message about an error my client and I'm here looking for possible solutions while my BnS client restarts.


    [edit]: Also, if there's any correlation, my crashes result in the 4049 error about half the time which requires me to delete gameguard and let the launcher re-download it in order to allow a resart