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  1. Bigger? We need to be able to make them smaller. The slider all the way to the left with build far left is still massive.
  2. It'd be nice to see what server you're choosing first, but the character slots are important, if they make it too easy to spam out f2p characters every name will be taken instantly. Remember these names are cross-server x_x If you see the premium benefits it's barely anything, and especially nothing gamebreaking, all tiny quality of life things. You don't need to sub/pay to this game.
  3. Please no. Player housing is really cool, but wait till it becomes a premium only thing, like in Archeage, because it makes sense to otherwise f2p and bots would own all of it and ruin it (if not instanced especially especially) Soon you're kind of locked to the game and scurred to take breaks because you gotta keep your land Of course this won't be a concern because the game wasn't designed with it in mind unless it was instanced, in the future.
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