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  1. I play on a 1366x768 laptop with a Nvidia GeForce 920M graphics card, its just not made for gaming. What I did to fix my 5-10 fps was change the ingame resolution to the absolute lowest, for some reason it does not change the graphics quality and it looks 100% the same. I can't confirm if this works on desktop monitors, but I've had several people whispering me or telling me in /faction that it worked. I have no idea how this happens but for some people it seem to work. (I went from unstable 5-10 fps to stable 50 fps) Edit: If you'll test this when the servers come back up, it would be greatly appreciated if you could give some feedback here whether it worked or not.
  2. They should just give temp bans to characters that get blocked by x amount of people. That way there would be no bots out of starter area.