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  1. what? I'm asking for a update why does it take 3 days for them to reply to me.
  2. Scarlet Shade Costume disappeared

    Is it me or the wardrobe doesn't work?
  3. How is it taking so long for me to get refund. They told me the first time it would take 24 hours. 24 hours go by they tell me to wait 46 hours and now its been 3 days and no ncoin and no reply from them. Oh and this from the the whole Transfer from mushin and that happened a while ago. I just want my ncoin please.
  4. Founder pack appearance voucher

    You know the characters don't transfer right just the name and founder pack you used on them and then they delete the character.
  5. Founder pack appearance voucher

    This got buried feelsbadman
  6. Founder pack appearance voucher

    Hime i need this answered!?
  7. So how is it NCsoft won't refund appearance voucher from Mushin transfer that was part of the founders pack. Of course I used one I'm sure everyone that had a name reservation used one. The point of the vouchers were to change the look of the character you made to keep the name. This is what they told me why they couldn't do it. So how is it we got our founder packs back but not this? GM Ariestaurus (Blade and Soul) Jan 25, 18:16 Hello again, We couldn't grant your request regarding this matter for we can't restore items that have been used by your character. We apologize regarding this matter. Hope you understand. Regards, GM Ariestaurus NCSOFT Support Team
  8. Server transferred wrong name!!

    You need to get this done It's all NC fault for the wrong name they should take the name for you.
  9. Opened ticket from saturday.

    Where the mods at? =0
  10. Opened ticket from saturday.

    I know dude it sucks I want my Dragon pouch aswell. It's crazy that the support just sends out those auto messages to make us wait longer
  11. How am I still waiting to get my founder items transfer and ncoin refunded, I see people saying they only posted there's 40+ hours ago and got there stuff back. and I'm here siting for almost a week with one reply that was a auto message.

    Dont skip it to fast that's what happened to me also the reason i left Mushin
  13. 2 day old ticket

    yea im just sitting in cinderlands for 2 hours trying to get one weapon off the bs RNG. I wouldnt had to spend 2 hours here if i had my key from my founders pack.
  14. 2 day old ticket

    Is it really going to take this long so i can transfer my stuff. Worst part is the time on the ticket is wrong it says 17 hours but clearly thats wrong.
  15. I submitted a ticket yesterday and i haven't gotten a reply yet.