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  1. Assassin Camera Zoom Bug?

    this happens to me as well. but i don't think would be classified as a bug, rather a feature you would like. the reason your camera resets, is because the cinematic kills like your swift step and pile driver where the camera moves to a fixed location during the skill then resets behind your character on completion.
  2. Pinchy Bomb Griefing

    why not switch channels?
  3. HELP!! - BnSCrashReport - Hardware configuration, the DLL...

    If you have Razor Synapse or something else and have disabled the SDK Chroma Service. Try This: 1) re-enable the service. 2) Launch the Game all the until you log in to you character. 3)alt-tab and Disable the Service again. This Worked For me, Unfortunately you have to do this everytime you launch the game atm until the bug with the SDK is fixed.