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  1. YOU killed the game

    I agree with this, like hard mode dungeons are good and all, but it again doesn't feel rewarding to do. They should implement stuff like open world jumping puzzles
  2. YOU killed the game

    Ok well that's fine, but the amount of tradable materials dungeon gives do not offset the gold box remove. Well from my personal experience having the gold or even mats to maintain more than 1 character is almost impossible. I'm talking from a point of view of a casual player who cannot commit a whole day to doing dailies. Actually this is part of the reason why I made this thread, dailies as a way to farm mats/ gold is absolutely boring imo. It feels like I'm doing a chore just because I have to keep up with the game. Alas, this game is what it is and I'm sure I'll be able to find a more suitable game that actually rewards dungeon running rather than a simple material box that provides a few mats. Thanks for your input though, glad to see some people are able to make money of this system. Cheers!
  3. YOU killed the game

    Hi All, As directed by ncsoft support who has advised that any suggestion or feedback of the game should be posted in forums. This topic is designed to do just that. To the developers who read this forum, please do not let this keep happening. What i'm specifically referring to is the lack of gold farming dungeons or rewarding dungeons. Previously dungeons from EL and higher would drop a rng gold box that would give a varying amount of Gold to whoever opens this. However, some developer must have been smoking crack or something cause they decided that the equivalent replacement of Gold is lunar twilight flowers. Now let me tell you a story about lunar twilight flowers...oh wait there isn't one, why?? cause that's just how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing useless it is. Absolute 0 value. It used to have some sort of value, but now every other dungeon or equipment that requires can be obtained elsewhere for a much cheaper/easier effort. The reason I bring this up is cause I myself and quite a few of people have voiced their dissatisfaction with this game. Now, running dungeons in B& is a big commitment both in time and energy, reason being isn't that dungeons are hard but rather they're time consuming and recruiting takes a while, which drains you while you recruit and waste time waiting...especially those fabulous well designed loading screen, I mean damn let's admire them for the next half an hour :) Just the other day we were wondering what to do on BNS after clearing dailies, and as much as there were dungeons we could do, we did not believe that the effort of clearing the dungeon was worth the time and so we decided to play a different game. Now the reason why I think gold box drop is necessary is because everything requires gold weather it is to upgrade with mats or buy other mats or even do anything gold is needed. Yet NcSoft gives us the answer that oh we'll replace the gold box with lunar twilight flower and provide you with tradable mats...I mean these mats are only available via dailies and not really providing a substantial sum of gold. So please bring back Gold farming so that when players have nothing to do they can run dungeons in the hopes that they may earn some gold. Could a Dev explain why they removed gold box in the first place? I mean if it's to combat gold sellers, that's not a very reliable method or fair, So basically what I'm asking the community is to comment that you agree that Gold box drop should be brought back to dungeons, or a method that F2P can earn gold by farming dungeons? Cheers!
  4. Earth Destroyer buff please

    Can we please get an earth destro buff please? It's fast becoming a dead class cause it's unloved
  5. Smite button reassign

    Yea I was thinking that as well, like what would be a good spot. Well I was thinking it could just be on rmb or tab as currently these skills are gap closers but I could see it interfering with blue buff so really rmb would be best as guiding fist would still be available after smite and if you're using magnum you'll probably still be using smite anyway. Smite triggers only when conditions are met which I reckon wouldn't interfere with guiding fist
  6. Smite button reassign

    Hi, Just wanted to hear other Wind kfm thoughts on having smite at F. is it just me or do other players have the trouble of accidentally hitting smite when it's up but not wanting to use it yet? I was hoping to maybe get a thread started in the hopes that NCSoft may see this and reassign smite key to another button, say 4? Cheers!
  7. [NEWS] Fire and Blood: Koldrak’s Lair

    Hello Eveyone, Just a post to ask why there isn't any am runs for the new 12man dungeon raid besides the 1am time slot? As an Australian playing this game, it is very difficult to be around for any of these times to be able to run this dungeon. This is the same issue with GHS raid and any time based events that don't occur during the pm times. Can we get more am runs to occur for the GHS raid and this new 12 man dungeon? Especially since the only way to get a garnet gem is through this raid that only occurs at a set time? I already have to deal with high ping cause Australian internet sucks and is located down under. Please help out us ocenians who have to go to work/school and are unable to be on when these events are running? Please NCsoft lets make BNS great again! Cheers!
  8. How did you fix it if you don't mind me asking?