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  1. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    If you ever see someone shit talking another for no reason, I suggest reporting them. I wonder though, do they even have a report button in this game?
  2. I'm F2P with no queue wait ;)

    I used to be on Mushin, but my husband and I soon realized our mistake and re-created our characters on Poharan a while back. The queues can be 30mins by the end of the day, when people are getting home from work or school, but I'm not complaining. What can you expect with the all the hype this game brought about? Needless to say, it's gonna be packed for the first few weeks of the official launch and all I can say is: Bring it.
  3. I'm F2P with no queue wait ;)

    A color palette for ears and tails would be awesome. : )
  4. Larger breasts size

    I don't know what OP is complaining about. Any bigger and the girls will tip over! Now for a far more important issue: male genital slider with a flop feature.
  5. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    Ah I see. So much raging lately, I can't tell the complaints apart from the normal conversations anymore, heh.
  6. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    Just from reading the title, I just felt compelled to inform you that it is not mid-day for everyone. : ) I got up at 6:00 this morning to find the game was in maintenance since 4am. Which is a proper maintenance time from my stand of point.
  7. wtf is wrong with this game???

    I agree that a maintenance notice should be posted somewhere more noticeable. I logged in about 30 mins ago and for some reason the game wouldn't make it past the title screen. I could only assume it was due to maintenance so I checked the news, but nothing. It'd be nice not to have to go search for the maintenance time. After all, FFXIV always releases maintenance times in broad daylight. Like literally, you can see the maintenance times when you open the launcher.
  8. Outfits Missing from the store/wardrobe

    Maybe some of the missing costumes will show up on the daily dash in the future? ; )