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  1. I'd prefer Gearscore than just AP. Yet again, people will be the same as those in WoW. So no to this. Just leave if you think people in cross-server dungeons aren't up for BSH/Naryu

    They can be bots for all we know. Macro users are bannable if proven.
  3. Are you on low-end settings also? If not, that is fine but you have to worry about blackwyrm. 24-man's not a problem for now because they got easy. Your video settings should also be put to Optimize for Combat
  4. Add a cooldown timer for bidding at an auction!

    For the mean time, you also have to stop spamming bid.
  5. There are other factors which may cause high pings and one being far away from the server. This is actually a fix for those experiencing high pings within server lowping range/area aka the United States of America
  6. There's an issue regarding gameguard according to many players. Try disabling your antivirus and other troubleshoots as well. Search forums
  7. Are we allowed to disable Gameguard?

    You can try including the gameguard folder to your Excluded Scans or whatever they call it on Avast. And NO. You will be violating ToS if you try, in any way, to disable gameguard.
  8. The thing is that I don't have a full AMD system so I could not confirm. Absolutely, gameguard might be a culprit and the Antivirus as well. We won't know for sure but for now McAfee's good for me and it's also free like MSE. It's working with gameguard, that's for sure.
  9. Yes, that's the stutter I am talking about (like every 5secs and regardless of video settings in-game). And no, it's not your RAM that is causing the issue. In fact, it's more than what the pc needs. I hope you have your BNS on System Drive/Main Drive and a light pc security app
  10. Gameguard needs to go away.

    I also believe GameGuard's a culprit for FPS drops and FPS Stutters. It is deemed useless as it doesn't block what it is intended to block/detect
  11. Okay, first and foremost. There's a difference between an FPS drop and FPS Stutter. It's the type that makes you freeze right after you login in-game and commits about 0.5 to 1second stutters occasionally while playing. While we should know what FPS drops are since it's the majority's problem right now. This solution consists of several troubleshoots which may fix your fps stutters. (I'd rather have fps drop to 10-15 than fps stutters) I have you know that before, I've had these FPS stutters on an AMD graphics card so it should never be a reason that it's low-end or Nvidia works differently than AMD. You might find the solution you've been looking for. And so, before I was utilizing this specs which some that I have changed to free me from FPS stutters: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Core 2 Quad Q8200 2gb RAM AMD Radeon R7 250, 2GB RAM DDR3 Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus Game Folder at Partition Drive (D:\) In-game settings: Video graphics = All 1 3D Monitor Support Turned on FPS Stutters were gone: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Core 2 Quad Q8200 4gb RAM AMD Radeon R7 250, 2GB RAM DDR3 McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise Game folder moved to (C:\) Main drive In-games settings: Video Graphics = Optimized on Combat (All 3 except unadjustable ticks) *I can go higher as 4 on Apply to all but my video card is low-end 3D Monitor Support Turned off These are some changes that I made on my PC that to my surprise, removed the annoying FPS stutters. We can therefore conclude that: That we cannot say that the game is exclusively optimized for low-end PCs Increasing RAM that concurs to your processor and video card should help hold the game intact Using a 64-bit OS may add to overall performance(Unfortunately, I have tried 4GB RAM on a 32-bit but it doesn't utilize the full RAM thus getting stutters) Having the right and optimized Security program for your PC may also help since it can have a conflict with GameGuard *Note that these changes are what I think made the stutters disappear. However, FPS drop occur on my end only when there are too many people and it's still playable. You can continue to troubleshoot some settings on your pc which may have a conflict with Blade and Soul NA.
  12. Warlock Leveling Challenge

    I think it is clear that: All below level 10 are qualified even if it's created before March 2 The start date of the event is March 2 so if you create even after the start date and make it to level 45 before March 23rd, you can claim the rewards
  13. PC help, please?

    You can use a lower resolution in window mode, set that options first and accept. Press ALT+ENTER and that will make your game to full screen

    Classes you can kill=Balanced Classes you can't kill=IMBAlanced
  15. Amazing Game!

    It's supposed to be Pay to Play... The game offers it like that in Korea so nobody will complain that it has a *cricket*ing ruined f2p model. You can choose to put in some ncoins if you truly love the game