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  1. Hello. I'd like to ask if you could change Currency Exchange update time. With the current system, the prices update once every 7 days. Right now, after the Trove event, there's no one selling gold (really, I opened the currency exchange, 0 people selling gold). Prices aren't going up because it takes another week to update. If it went up faster, maybe we could have people selling gold already. What I'd like to ask is to reduce the time for Currency Exchange updates, to once every 3 days, or if has to be on a schedule. 2 or 3 times per week. Thank you
  2. Broken point system

    No comments from other members? No comments from GMs? Is this game really a desert? Guess it's just me and bots now
  3. I'm not sure who, but I when Blade and Soul first showed up, one of the big guys at Korean B&S said they made Summoners specificly targeted the female audience. That's why the Summoners+the cat are cute, and that's why Summoner is an easy class to play, has heals and was a bit OP at start (usually girls don't play as much as guys, so they made the class a bit stronger to help girls PvP). So ye, the class was made specificly for girls. PS: Not trying to offend any girls out there with the "easier class", just telling you what I read. I'm sure there are plenty of girls who play this game better than me! ^^
  4. Hello. Today I decided to do a bit on PvPing, namely 1 on 1. At the start of the day, I had 1664 points. I won 8 matches in a row, got to 1717. Lost 2 matches, and went back to 1670. Won 7 matches, got to 1710. Lost 1 match, went to 1669. Can someone tell me wtf is this? I have to win 100 matches in a row to get to plat or something? All my matches were against Gold opponents
  5. I trust in Omeed

    @VRock @Yamyatos @Familiar So, the best gem in the game being a cash-shop only item (unless you're going to tell me "oh, you can get it in-game if you have the luck to roll on something which I guess has a 0.01% chance to show up, on a single daily key with 2 items to choose from) is not pay to win?
  6. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Ye, and by that time you'll see people running around with 800+ AP. Have fun doing 6v6 against them with 650 AP
  7. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    But we're talking about people who play 1, maybe 2 hours per day on some of the days. What if it takes them longer than 1h to learn all the dungeon mechanics? If a players logs in, play for an hour, keeps dying and makes 0 progress, he most likely won't do the same next day. If he gets 2g in the end, he'll probably think "Ye, I'm not spending all my play time on this again to get 2 gold" The thing with this game is that it's too "top-heavy". Players with gear find the dungeons a walk in the park, make 200g per day, and say the game is fine. But NCSoft saying to every casual/low-core player "we don't care about you" is not something that keeps games floating in the long-term. PS: What I mean with my last sentence is "We'll give bosses more HP than on other regions, reduce your soulshield HP, and reduce the time beetween patches so you don't have time to learn bosses mechanics properly. Then we'll put the materials you need in RNG boxes, so you buy them or won't be able to do new content." Whales/Hardcore players are fine with that. The rest? I know I'm not
  8. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Oh, and btw, besides promising many times up until now this game wasn't going to be pay to win, they also promised on release they wouldn't release RNG boxes. Trove is currently the 2nd or 3rd RNG box we got. I do enjoy playing the game, I do it mostly because I like Arena and it's mostly equallized (HM levels and skills are still a big middle finger pointed at the arena players). Still, I can't help but feel NCSoft are slowly killing the game themselves
  9. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Btw, I replied your post, but it edited my previous one. If you don't buy you can't play the game in full because you'll lose most of the time. You can't open world PvP/6v6. How does that not pay to win? And it might just be me, but suggesting the system isn't broken because your clan can do the work for you isn't my idea of a non-pay to win game. The thing is, they promised that wouldn't make this game pay to win. They removed legendary weapons because of it. Now no one who doesn't pay can't reach maximum gear before a new patch, and new arena isn't equallized. And they added cash shop RNG boxes that give materials to upgrade gear. That's the problem I cherish your attitude towards those people in Profane, but do you think most random pug members, seeing he got grouped up with 3 players in Profane without much experience, would take their time to explain them the dungeon step by step?
  10. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Mid-Core players are players who play an hour, maybe two per day. The 10+ people in that situation that I know about aren't running 4-man dungeons, SSP is hard enough for them. How is a game "partially" P2W? Or you can play the entire for free or you can't, if you're locked out of part of the content it's pay to win The average player is a casual player. There are more casual players in the game than hardcore players
  11. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Are you suggesting the average player does each 4-man dungeon daily? Do you really believe the average player has True Pirate+True Siren accs? The average right now is around Awakened Siren, and there's no way a group with 4 people on Awakened Siren, with no exp on 4 man dungeons will finish Yeti 4 man EDIT: And btw, I do 4-man dungeons daily, and each run averages 7g for me (clan runs, loot split evenly). That's not over 30g
  12. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Seeing it takes like, 8k to get to the maximum current gear, and mid-core/hardcore player (excluding those who spend hours grinding the 4-man dungeons) makes 20-30g per day, have fun spending an year to get to that point to see you're then 10 patches behind. If the average player gets 1 evolution on 1 item per month (and that's being nice, the average player still can't do Heroics/SSP on a regular schedule), and we have 7 items to evolve and get 2 new evolutions on each one per patch, I'm sorry to say but this is becoming pay to win. PS: 650+ AP doesn't matter on open-world PvP? Did you ever play open world PvP? Besides, next week we get 6v6 arena. Guess what? It's not equalized. Having 200 more AP than other people won't matter in PvP? If 2 equally skilled players fight each other, A kills B in 20 hits, B kills A in 2 hits, guess who's gonna win. That's pay to win How is improving your gear to deal more damage vanity, when you're getting a new non-equallized arena next week?
  13. They already did the "Here, have this incomplete version of the game." Are you seriously suggesting they do "Here, have an incomplete patch for your incomplete game"? Do you have any idea how many people would leave if they did that? Besides, Korea is getting another class before Worlds. Are you suggesting they skip 7 patches, get the class get the class, and *cricket* everything and everyone because they can't balance their market?
  14. Except for the fact that we NEED TO REACH Korea's patch before Novemeber, and they are like 7 patches ahead of us, plus the patchs they get from here until November. Do the math and you'll see that 1 patch per month might not even be enough, they might have to do multiple patches per month. Next patch is probably next Wednesday, April 13th.
  15. Just to add to the topic: The MMORPG I liked the most was Guild Wars. I've spent several hundred hours there, played every expansion, leveled a char of each class, payed for microtransactions, etc. The grind in that game? We'd reach max level without before even playing through half the storyline from the first campaign. Expansions didn't increase the level cap. We'd be able to get max level gear at the middle of the first campaign. Expansions didn't introduce new gear. Max gear costed 7 platinum (In-Game currency). I made ~60 Platinum in 2 hours of gameplay. You wanted to PvP? PvP was balanced, and you could create a NEW character, already at MAX level and with all skills but which could only PvP Still, I spent more time and money there than on any other game. Why? Because I could do what I enjoyed there, what I found fun, instead of grinding quests that I don't find fun What do I do here? Take dozens of hours to reach max level. Take hundreds of hours grinding to reach max gear. Don't get to reach max gear because a new patch comes out and increases gear level. Do the same dailies which I don't find fun over and over because those are the ones who help me gear up faster (faction dailies). Do old dailies over and over because there's no way to progress gear on my alts without farming older dungeons. I don't pay for this game because I feel it would be a waste because I think I'll stop playing it sooner than later. My point is: Let me actually do what I find fun and enjoyable and I'll pay you Trying out each char, both on max level PvE and PvP before deciding on a main (to do this I need to get every char to 50, get all Hongmoon skills, get at least True Pirate.......) Trying to solo/duo the hardest dungeons (It takes 10k+ gold to get max gear, how am I supposed to get max gear to try to solo dungeons making 30/40g a day?) I'll do the grinding I'll grind 2 hours per day But don't make a person who grinds 2 hours per day take an year to get geared up....