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  1. They switch channels over and over and kill Terror with over 50 summoner bots. They do this 24/7 for like 3 days now. NCSoft please look into this. They are all Cerulean (BLUE) Faction.
  2. They have premium for faster channel switching.
  3. i did screenshot it and posted here so NCSoft can review it. I'm not shaming, it's a shame they don't do anything about the mass gold spam bots and mass cheaters, but hey if I call it out you get in trouble?
  4. its not real people, we have others monitoring it. They do it all day 24/7 for 3 days now. They never speak either. Don't be ignorant.
  5. same here. Any word on a NCSoft fix? Very sad ;(
  6. Can't Delete My Characters

    type "Delete" with the capital D, then you have to wait 5 minutes, it 'reserves" the character to be deleted. Once the 5 mins is up, it takes another 10-20 seconds then the character will be deleted and vanish from the slot. I know because I made a level 1 on Muushin and then deleted because of the insane queue times.
  7. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    pay to crash this mmo with no survivors
  8. Anyway to fix crashing?

    I'm crashing over and over as well, every 10-20 minutes game crash with error. I've tried disable razer synapse stuff, still crashing over and over.