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  1. Warning Contain some story spoilers in the video So what KR is getting soon we know is -Soul Gunner (which was original scrapped from beta 4 years ago due to being too weak and had to be revamped from the ground up) -New Dungeon where you fight Pohwaran's mother. -New Maps. -More New Dungeons -Continue of the Main Storyline with Mushin finally making his big move since the ending of Season 1 Storyline.
  2. Blade and Soul KR 2017 Update

    Sadly it may stay as the Soul Gunner source of ammo is Chi energy. Yes the Soul Gunner literally creates ammo using his own "Soul" energy to power his guns instead of using actual bullets. I forsee a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho references in player names once this class is out in the ENG version. :p
  3. Blade and Soul KR 2017 Update

    Surprised? Ya I had the same reaction for a moment.
  4. How is Blade&Soul now?

    I am curious, since I have not played in a long time, if everyone going Crimson now. I hear everyone is going Crimson for easy wins and hardly anyone is in Cerulean anymore unless they're a masochist who want to be constantly killed by large mobs of Crimson players all over the map.
  5. 10th class Teaser Trailer

    You are correct as Gunner was originally going to be one of the original classes for the game but due to the game being so badly weak during Beta they just scrapped it and decided to come back to Gunner later once they figure out how to make it work. It was literally the most obvious weakest and pathetic class during Beta at the time the developers knew they Fed it up so bad they had to rework Gunner from the ground up. Sadly for some reason after scrapping it they kept holding off the redevelopment of the Gunner class until now. I can only guess it was either issues trying to revamp the entire Gunner class or just they spent too long holding it for development due to other content priorities.
  6. 10th class hints...

    So let talk something about the future. It is old news but.... during a interview with B&S developers there was one question about the next class after Soul Fighter being the 10th class. It was a simple question and we are given 2 hints about what the 10th class released sometime in late 2016 or early 2017 will be... http://mmoculture.com/2015/11/blade-...-annual-event/Q: Any information regarding a new class beyond the Qi Master?A: Qi Master will arrive this winter, and there will be a new class next year as well. It will not be a hybrid, and has yet to appear in the game before. All I can say is, it is a class which has been highly-anticipated for some time. Notice the 2 hints being "it will not be a hybrid" and "has been highly-anticipated for some time."
  7. Foul Mouthed Granny

    So can we all agree she is the best NPC in this game. :)
  8. As I am a more open to all possibilities type of person I am not one to assume anything is aboslutely certain until a actual revealing happens. This includes what a class can be or can not be. I do not deny that it may not be a Gunner class or any other class already mentioned here but until a actual revealing happens I prefer to remain open to all posibilities considering this interview is a translation of what is being said and the person being interviewed is not a actual english speaker but his words are being translated into english instead. I also only open up the possibility of a Gunner class or any Physical Range Combat class because there is no direct revealing on what the class will be but what it may be. Heck, data miners were even finding data folders containing Gunner class information from Act 6 and Act 7 updates which lead to people believing we may get Gunner class as the 9th class but we got Soul Fighter as our 9th class instead. Everything now is more of speculations made by us the community and unless a person working in B&S development actual confirms what we are assuming we are uncertain what the outcome may be. No matter what the 10th class will be people will be upset and mad it turned out to be what it is while others will be happy and greatful for what it turned out to be. That is the only thing we all can be absolutely certain about until a actual revealing happens which is still months away.
  9. There's no happiness in this story (spoilers)

    Sadly the Happiness does not arrive until Season 2 Storyline being Act 5 to Act ???. KR version and CN version are on Act 7 now with Act 8 arriving sometime around later this year or early 2017. Though a bit of sadness does take hold for some moments but Cricket is certainly more happy in Season 2 storyline. The Credits even change to a Happy credit scene for Season 2 storyline to represent the change in story tone. NOTE: other versions of the game that can switch to ENG voice already have ENG version future contents translated into ENG so it more of a matter of waiting for the content now.
  10. That quote "has yet to appear in the game before" is a bit of a double edge sword info right there because it could mean a lot of things either being... 1) Has yet to appear in the game before as a class for players to play. 2) Has yet to appear in the game before as something used by NPCs and/or player characters. 3) Has yet to appear in the game before as something players has seen. 4) Has yet to appear in the game before as something in the game directly or mentioned in the game. 5) Has yet to appear in the game before as something players can use. and etc. If the developers could clear up this quote to what they mean it would be easier to assume what the class is but for now the best I could do is assume they mean by has yet to appear in the game before as a class for players to play as this part of the quote is a very vague detail mentioned with a lot of possible meanings and can easily lead to a lot of misunderstandings.
  11. The story of BNS

    Continuing what ThePrelate ended.... Season 2 covers Cricket's life several years after the defeat of Jinsoyun. Word had spread that the Hero who defeated the Dark Lord was rebuilding the Hongmoon school but this "Hero" is a imposter pretending to be Cricket. After tracking down this imposter Cricket soon meet the grandson of Old Man Cho named Bunyang as he has been tricked by the imposting into helping him find more "recuits". After dealing with the fake Hongmoon school word soon reach Cricket that children from Sandstone Refuge have gone missing Cricket head there only to discover the Black Dragon Cult is behind the kidnappings and among them is a old enemy back from the dead the former mayor of bamboo village Daygu. With the help of Ho Wul-Ryung and Eunak the children are saved but the the mystery to how the Black Dragon Cult kidnap the children and why remains a mystery. Meeting with Namgung Sun-Jae and Taegwang in Zaiwei City to control the man behind the kidnappings being Aksin Yo Ma-Ma who uses a pipe flute to hypnotise the children. With the kidnapping solved Cricket heads to meet with a old friend being Do Chun as he has a letter from Jiwan involving a important matter. Mean while in a unknwon location Daygu is discussing events with Julie about the promise of obtaining strong Dark powers for his actions. Julie rewards Daygu by giving him Dark powers but it also turned Daygu into a powerful mindless demon. Back in Zaiwei, Cricket has met up with Dochun and Dochun advised Cricket to prepare for what Jiwan is asking Cricket to do. Dochun then begins reading the letter from Jiwan which holds a request from Jiwan for Cricket to protect Little Jinsoyun, now reborn as a child, from people who would seek to kill her for her actions in her past life and to train Little Jinsoyun in the ways of Hongmoon so she can grow up to be good. Dochun knows Cricket has doubts about raising Jinsoyun in her new life due to the memories of past events but a part of Cricket knows this is no longer the same Jinsoyun. Not long after Cricket sees a advertisement from Bunyang as he is attempting to scam people but Cricket put a stop to it fast by telling Bunyang he will tell his grandfather Old Man Cho about his action. However, things do not remain peaceful for long as Ho Wul-Ryung, Eunak, Namgung Sun-Jae, and Taegwang have learned that Jinsoyun has been reborn as a child and is now attempting to assassinate her for what she had done in her past life. Dochun speaks with Cricket about the event stating he hold strong regrets that he lead Cricket on a Dark Path for Revenge againt Jinsoyun which lead Cricket to turn away from the Path of Hongmoon during the events of Season 1 and fighting to protect Little Jinsoyun was his atonement for she is now a innocent child in this new life. On this moment Cricket turns to his former allies in a attempt to convince them to stop there revenge on Jinsoyun but fails and is forced to fight all four of them. Now willing to accept Jiwan's request to raise Little Jinsoyun in the Path of Hongmoon Cricket proceeds to open a dragon pulse to teleport them all back to the Hongmoon school. Dochun also introduce a young boy named Ryu who would become the 2nd member of the next Hongmoon students trained by Cricket and during the process of creating the Dragon Pulse Old Man Cho's grandchildren runs into the Dragon Pulse as well thus becoming the 3rd and 4th students. Once they have arrived in the Hongmoon school Cricket soon meets Chin the Orphan from Sandstone Refugee as he has arrived in the Hongmoon School to fullfill his promise to become a student of Hongmoon thus becoming the 5th student. One year has passed since Cricket has become the new Master of Hongmoon and trained his or her 5 students. During a morning traning session Chin informs Cricket that Jinsoyun is sick. Cricket and the 5 Hongmoon students head to Bamboo village so they can find Jinsoyun a doctor only to discover the Black Ram is attacking Bamboo Village. Right outside the dock where they land Cricket sees Chengun and Chengun informs Cricket that the Balck Ram assault is none other lead by Poharan and Captain Dodan, now succeeded his father Dochun as Bamboo Guard Captain and a Master in Kung Fu, is doing his best to fight the Black Ram off. After rushing to get Jinsoyun to the safety of the Dr. Gwak house the Black Ram corner Cricket but Dodan saves Cricket. The 1 year reunion is cut short as Pohawan appears in the center of Bamboo Village bombarding the place with her gatling gun and grenades. After a breif fight they Cricket and Pohawan are interrupted by Chef Tae Jang-Geum and Barrack Officer Mak Sobo. Tae Jang-Geum apologise for Pohawan's action in attacking Bamboo village for they did not expect Pohawan to take matters this extreme and explains the reason behind her hasty actions. Tae Jang-Geum explains that the East Fleet of the Black Ram has been attacked by Demons and majority of the members are now either dead or turned into Demons. Hae Mujin took a final stand alone to fight off as many demons as possible so Pohawan, Tae Jang-Geum, and Mak Sobo can escape. Pohawan then explains after that this event was no coincidence for it was the beginning of a massive demon invasion from the Dark Lord himself. Warning Cricket that ignoring to save the East Black Ram Fleet would put the world at risk. The next day Jinsoyun has recovered from her illness but once again the peace remain short as Sandstone Refugee is now under attack by a demon army. Tae Jang-Geum appears soon after offering to help Cricket as redemption for Pohawan's actions. Pohawan also arrived to Sandstone Refuge to aid Cricket despite denying that she wants to help Cricket save the Sandstone Refuge. With the help of Pohawan, Tae Jang Geum, and Mak Sobo the citizens of Sandstone Refuge are saved. Soon word arrived that more demons have appeared in Moonwater and once again Cricket heads there to fight off the Demons with Tae Jang Geum and Mak Sobo but Pohawan does not join as she is mad that Cricket still refuse to help her save the East Black Ram Fleet. After defeating the Demon, Cricket heads back to the enterance but the Demon was not dead yet. Just before the Demon can kill Cricket from behind Pohawan saves Cricket. Despite being saved by Pohawan, Cricket still refuse to save the East Black Ram Fleet and then ask Pohawan what happen to her grandfather Hae Mujin after they fleed. Pohawan reveals that he is still alive but is now a host body to a Demon and hoped Cricket would reconsider but Cricket still refuse to help save the East Black Ram Fleet. Angered Pohawan attacks Cricket in hopes of forcing him or her to save the East Black Ram Fleet but is easily defeated. Once defeated Pohawan breaks down and begins to cry explaining her real reason for asking for help was to save her grandfather Hae Mujin. Cricket soon realize that he or she has gone a bit too far and finally agrees to help save the East black Ram Fleet. After making preparation Cricket heads towards the destroyed East Black Ram Fleet fighting through Black Ram members now turned into Demons. Finally reaching Hae Mujin it appeared he has been fighting off the demon corruption for days and has finally become consumed by it. After weakening the Demon possessing Hae Mujin, Cricket performs a purification thus separating Hae Mujin from the demon and saving him. However, the demon still remained a live and now enters a berserk rage against Cricket. After the demon is defeated Pohawan finally has her happy reunion with her grandfather Hae Mujin. Hae Mujin remains grateful to Cricket for keeping his granddaughter Pohawan safe and saving him along with the East Black Ram Fleet offering that if Cricket ever needs help the East Black Ram Fleet will be there to aid him or her. Pohawan, however, still remains a tsundere. After returning to land Cricket recieves a letter from Bunyang asking why he or she has been gone for so long. Once Cricket returns to the Hongmoon School he or she finds it being attacked by Demons and his or her student's life are now at risk thus events from the story returns to past events. This time, however, Cricket is able to save his or her students from the demons allowing Bunah, Bunyang, and Chin to escape to safety. While saving Bunyang, Cricket learned that Ho Wul-Ryung, Eunak, Namgung Sun-Jae, and Taegwang aided in the attack lad by Julie in a attempt to kidnap Jinsoyun. Rushing to save Ryu from a horde of Demons Julie appears to take matters into her own hands. After toying around with Cricket she finally decided to stop playing around and attempts to kill Cricket only to have Ryu interfere sacrificing his life to save his master. Angered by the death of Ryu, Cricket blindly charges at Julie only to be defeated and sent falling into the once thus the story returns to events of the Prologue as Cricket see memories of his or her time with his or her students. Cricket wakes up a few days later in Bamboo Village seeing that Bunah, Bunyang, and Chin are still alive and Pohawan there due to being worried about Cricket despite denying it. Now Cricket begins a new journey to save Jinsoyun and this time he or she is not alone as his Hongmoon students Bunah, Bunyang, and Chin will be by Cricket's side. (This part is where the story may get messy since not many people have posted Act 7 or bother translating it yet so I'm only using what little information I have so far) Before Cricket could begin his or her journey it has appears Sandstone Refuge is under attack again by demons. After Cricket defeats the demons the leader of the Demons revealed himself to be Lusung. Lusung explains that after Jinsoyun corrupted him into a demon he remained trapped in the Dark Realm. There he thrived and obtained the power he longed for from the Dark Lord himself. Cricket attempted to defeat Lusung but failed due to Lusung's new found dark powers and right before Lusung could kill Cricket, Miryung attempted to stop him hoping there was still some good but Lusung quickly knocks her causing Miryung to drop the mirror that once belong to Lusung's sister. Seeing the mirror Lusung begins to have flash backs about his sister forcing him to retreat. Cricket soon wakes up learning that Lusung has disappeared and Sandstone Refuge is safe. Soon after Cricket learned that the Black Dragon has taken Jinsoyun to the western continent and with his students Cricket travels there. Meanwhile in the western continent Ho Wul-Ryung, Eunak, Namgung Sun-Jae, and Taegwang are trying to detain Jinsoyun as she is causing them trouble as a little girl. They begin preparing to bring Jinsoyun to a alter in order to execute her for her past life crimes but Ho Wul-Ryung, Eunak, Namgung Sun-Jae, and Taegwang do not know Julie is using them for a ulterior motive that would benefit the Black Dragon Cult and the Dark Lord's plans. After locating the alter where they have taken Jinsoyun, Cricket and the students of Hongmoon went to seek the aid of the West Black Ram Fleet. The Admiral of the West Black Ram Fleet is greatful for saving the East Black Ram Fleet and agrees to help. Cricket ask how they would manage to reach the alter location since the area is surrounded by mountains and the West Fleet Admiral reveals that the ship he has is special. Activating the main Engines of his ship it is revealed to have powerful engines allowing the ship itself to fly. As Ho Wul-Ryung, Eunak, Namgung Sun-Jae, and Taegwang walks to the alter with Julie to execute Jinsoyun a guard spots the West Black Ram Fleet ship flying over the fortress guarding the Alter. The West Fleet Admiral leaves the rest to Cricket and his companions thus Cricket begins his or her assault on the fortress to save Jinsoyun. After defeating Ho Wul-Ryung, Eunak, Namgung Sun-Jae, and Taegwang and making his or her way to the alter Cricket is once again defeated by Julie. As Cricket remains defeated on the group Julie taunts Cricket forcing him or her to watch helplessly as she stacks Jinsoyun with her hands and reveals that a pieve of the Twilight Edge is in side Jinsoyun. As Julie walks away laughing over her victory, Cricket attempt so reach Jinsoyun who is now laying lifeless on the floor but passes out. Waking up in the West Black Ram Fleet ship Cricket finds that Jinsoyun is now in a critical condition due to the loss of the Twilight Edge piece from in side her. Ho Wul-Ryung, Eunak, Namgung Sun-Jae, and Taegwang are also there feeling deep reget for what they have done and for allowing Julie to manipulate them to farther the Dark Lord's plans thus they promise to one day make up for their mistake and when the time ever arrives when Cricket needs help they and their clan will be there to aid Cricket. (This is where the story ends in Act 7. I know it is a long read but Season 2 is quite interesting as we see events fall into full circle with past events unanswered from Season 1 storyline.)
  12. Funny thing about other version of B&S is that I think some of the other versions of B&S will cover half or most of the weapon upgrading requirements through the Level Up Questions we get as we reach certain levels. I think one version even gives the players free Class Weapon Keys.
  13. 10th class hints...

    We will get our answer in late 2016 or early 2017 considering that is the usual time they would announce the year's new content update. Still with B&S missing a Physical Range Combat class I am more towards Gunner or any type of physical range combat class due to how all range combat class currently are Magic/Chi based but no physical combat based.
  14. 10th class hints...

    Any physical range combat class would do in my opinion. As of now class set up is... there are more melee classes (5 melee classes) than range class (3 range classes) and the recent 1 hybrid melee/range combat Chi Master (NA version's name for Soul Fighter as revealed in Soul Fighter weapon drops we have now). All range combat classes are magic/chi user classes. B&S currently has no Physical Range Combat class.
  15. While the hints given limits the possible class down a lot to specific ones it would not be a surprise if it is Gunner since B&S has set Gunslinger as one of the Schools of Martial Arts and even one of the 8 Masters is a Gunslinger. Though any Range Physical combat class would do for B&S now since currently all range combat classes are Magic based users. This lack of Physical Range combat class seems to push a bit more towards the possibility of Gunner class or atleast a physical range combat class as the next new class. Not to mention, as someone said before, B&S has more melee combat class than range combat classes (and absolutely no Physical range combat class)
  16. Well with all servers maxed populated now NCsoft will need to start adding more servers and increasing the amount of channels in each server from the current standard 5 channel per server into 25 channels per server.
  17. Time for new Servers and More Channels

    Yes but playing B&S as my secondary game now due to FFXIV lack of interesting content to keep me playing consistantly beyond 1 month of every new content through the 2.5 month wait per update. On topic: Yes I gree that they should have prepared a larger server to handle the large population. This was expected by a lot of people and NCsoft should have expected it as well.
  18. Time for new Servers and More Channels

    There is some belief around in the other version developers that NA players only like FPS games and hate games like B&S because it is not FPS.
  19. While playing the game I notice the Fullscreen setting is actually Rimless Window mode setting which is a screen setting used by games to set the screen as a background screen. Does B&S has a actually Fullscreen setting or are we stuck with Rimless Window mode as our only "Fullscreen" setting?