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  1. Sadly it may stay as the Soul Gunner source of ammo is Chi energy. Yes the Soul Gunner literally creates ammo using his own "Soul" energy to power his guns instead of using actual bullets. I forsee a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho references in player names once this class is out in the ENG version. :p
  2. Surprised? Ya I had the same reaction for a moment.
  3. Warning Contain some story spoilers in the video So what KR is getting soon we know is -Soul Gunner (which was original scrapped from beta 4 years ago due to being too weak and had to be revamped from the ground up) -New Dungeon where you fight Pohwaran's mother. -New Maps. -More New Dungeons -Continue of the Main Storyline with Mushin finally making his big move since the ending of Season 1 Storyline.
  4. I am curious, since I have not played in a long time, if everyone going Crimson now. I hear everyone is going Crimson for easy wins and hardly anyone is in Cerulean anymore unless they're a masochist who want to be constantly killed by large mobs of Crimson players all over the map.
  5. You are correct as Gunner was originally going to be one of the original classes for the game but due to the game being so badly weak during Beta they just scrapped it and decided to come back to Gunner later once they figure out how to make it work. It was literally the most obvious weakest and pathetic class during Beta at the time the developers knew they Fed it up so bad they had to rework Gunner from the ground up. Sadly for some reason after scrapping it they kept holding off the redevelopment of the Gunner class until now. I can only guess it was either issues trying to reva
  6. As I am a more open to all possibilities type of person I am not one to assume anything is aboslutely certain until a actual revealing happens. This includes what a class can be or can not be. I do not deny that it may not be a Gunner class or any other class already mentioned here but until a actual revealing happens I prefer to remain open to all posibilities considering this interview is a translation of what is being said and the person being interviewed is not a actual english speaker but his words are being translated into english instead. I also only open up the possibility
  7. That quote "has yet to appear in the game before" is a bit of a double edge sword info right there because it could mean a lot of things either being... 1) Has yet to appear in the game before as a class for players to play. 2) Has yet to appear in the game before as something used by NPCs and/or player characters. 3) Has yet to appear in the game before as something players has seen. 4) Has yet to appear in the game before as something in the game directly or mentioned in the game. 5) Has yet to appear in the game before as something
  8. We will get our answer in late 2016 or early 2017 considering that is the usual time they would announce the year's new content update. Still with B&S missing a Physical Range Combat class I am more towards Gunner or any type of physical range combat class due to how all range combat class currently are Magic/Chi based but no physical combat based.
  9. Any physical range combat class would do in my opinion. As of now class set up is... there are more melee classes (5 melee classes) than range class (3 range classes) and the recent 1 hybrid melee/range combat Chi Master (NA version's name for Soul Fighter as revealed in Soul Fighter weapon drops we have now). All range combat classes are magic/chi user classes. B&S currently has no Physical Range Combat class.
  10. While the hints given limits the possible class down a lot to specific ones it would not be a surprise if it is Gunner since B&S has set Gunslinger as one of the Schools of Martial Arts and even one of the 8 Masters is a Gunslinger. Though any Range Physical combat class would do for B&S now since currently all range combat classes are Magic based users. This lack of Physical Range combat class seems to push a bit more towards the possibility of Gunner class or atleast a physical range combat class as the next new class. Not to mention, as someone said bef
  11. So let talk something about the future. It is old news but.... during a interview with B&S developers there was one question about the next class after Soul Fighter being the 10th class. It was a simple question and we are given 2 hints about what the 10th class released sometime in late 2016 or early 2017 will be... http://mmoculture.com/2015/11/blade-...-annual-event/Q: Any information regarding a new class beyond the Qi Master?A: Qi Master will arrive this winter, and there will be a new class next year as well. It will not be a hybrid, and has yet to
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