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  1. I'm comtemplating which classes should i main it as a pve dps wise, but not sure which does more output on dps wise. any suggestions?
  2. SSP, earning gold?

    How does SSP works? and how do you earn golds from there?
  3. Antidote for Sogun Lament?

    Where can i get those antidote for Sogun Lament dungeon?
  4. What's the total amount of gold that i need in order to upgrade from true pirate stage 10 to true breeze stage 10?
  5. 1250 Achievement Points.

    Any suggestions or what which achievements i can do to get those quick points up to 1250?
  6. Does anyone has a Screenshot of the places that i can find to farm those mats? Don't have 1250 achievement points to buy it so yeah.
  7. LMB HM Skill mats farm. (FM)

    Hmm, what achievements did you do to get up too 1250?
  8. What's next?

    What should i want to upgrade the next thing? weapon or accessories? i'm currently at true pirate weapon, true siren accessories and awaken oathbreaker belt.
  9. What's next?

    Don't have the time to calculate, just want to know which one should i upgrade first lol. Simple
  10. FMs who uses detonate

    Dear FMs, what would you FMs would do if you see another FM in your party who uses auto detonate? I mean, is using that makes your dps better?
  11. HM LMB for FM

    Does anyone know how much does it cost or exchange of items for the materials that you need to learn that HM LMB for FM?
  12. FM Auto Detonate? PVE build

    Should i be using auto denotate at all as a burn build? Is burn build still the highest dps output for pve? Or anyone is able to link a build that is currently doing the most dps??
  13. FM Auto Detonate? PVE build

    How can i get more crit? I'm only at 53% (2880) with awakened pirate stage 10 weapon
  14. locks in pve wise?

    Are they a good dps in pve dps wise only?
  15. Warlock ping reliant?

    Are locks gameplay ping reliant? is it playable with 180-200+ms? And also, i heard that their being nerfed or something, so is it worth to play still? as PVE wise.
  16. All the FMs out there, how would you start as your opener as a burn build?
  17. FM pve rotation guide?

    Is burn build recommended for pve if you want to output an enormous amount of dps? If yes, does anyone has a build i can follow and what's the rotation?
  18. FM's HM unlock skills.

    Is there a guide on getting those needed unlock skills like the beam or LB? tried right clicking it to see the ach on how to get it but there's nothing.
  19. Bopae's for FM?

    What are they bopaes i should be getting for FM from BSH and Mushin Tower?
  20. New content.

    Since the new content is out, what should i be focusing on? Like what kind of dailies should i be focusing on, gears etc. I'm a FM, so which bopae will suit me best for pve?
  21. I'm a FM 45 (Cerulean Order) with true profane stage 10, looking for a core pvX (But im more to pve) active guild. Please reply here for more info.
  22. Need advices here please.

    My weapon is currently at True Profane at stage 10, should i upgrade it further to siren weapon or focus on other accessories?
  23. Should i upgrade further?

    My weapon is currently at True Profane at stage 10, should i upgrade it further to siren weapon or focus on other accessories?
  24. May i know whats the difference between those 2 dungeons? And is it worth getting those bopaes in Blackram Supply chain in dungeon finder, does it has the same stats as the E.fleet supply chain? Or rather which one should i do to get those bopaes/belt etc?
  25. poh 6 man bopae set

    are the bopae sets from poh in dungeon finder has the same stats as the one you look for in *faction chat* or *Looking for party* in each individual server?