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  1. Can we get an update for the patch that screwed a lot of players up where it keeps crashing and cant get into the game anymore thanks
  2. Fix you F%$^&%& GAME

    Ive put my money into this game not to even be able to play. ever since your last [atch I cant even play for more than five mins without lagging to hell or being Dc'd. then all you do is say submit a ticket well I did that last night, and guess what tech support? "We apologize for the recent crash and disconnections you experience after maintenance. We are working hard until then try the work around" After I told you I already tried all of those methods. So I pretty much feel like you just read my email and said screw it he's just going to have to wait until we fix it even though he invested money in our game which is currently going to waste cause I cant play
  3. Crashing once game is open

    Just want to thank you both finally got it working. it jus sucks you have to go through all that to play a game
  4. Crashing once game is open

    Can someone please explain to me how Ncsoft updates the launcher and its to the point where I load up the game and it crashes before I can put my pass code in. this is just getting out of hand at this point
  5. Premium Member

    Hey guys I jus have a question cause I'm having a hard time finding out how to become a premium member. So is the only way to become premium is by buying the signature packs? cause if so it seems very steep to play this game just to get 30 days of premium. If someone could help me out id appreciate it or if there is a link that takes me directly to a subscription based purchase without having to buy Ncoin and go through the signature packs that would be awesome too.