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  1. what to upgrade next

    Weapon always first.
  2. Blight Weapon Cancer.

    True RNG is a *cricket* xD Sometimes u get your weapon on a first few runs sometime on you 100.
  3. Pops

    The best thing you can do is invite them to join your party and complete quests together.
  4. Assassin Skill Tree

    Well since IMO SIN can be a bit squishy its better if u trait your skills to heal you. You've prob done that but if you haven't the poison breath, decoy and shuriken are good option for healing. Now for good DPS its all bout stealth backstab combo later you also get lightning rod. Well in any case experiment around what works or not afterall respec is free. You might also wanna check bnstree site for some builds. Hope that helped a bit.
  5. I've ran out of things to do.

    No idea farm outfits? complete achievements? Pvp? Make alt?
  6. Why is the localization so bad?

    I'm with you on that, but i'd rather see them release korean/japanese voicepacks and give the original korean translation without any changes.
  7. What am i expected to rage on forums? I will do nothing because i already know that getting rid of spammers is hard and even if they aren't successfull they're doing something.
  8. Reborn vulnerable

    I can't count the times i was kiled before the game even loaded for me xD.
  9. I agree with what others posted. Its true this is a pvp game but when lvl 15 get killed by 2 lvl 45 thats where i draw the line. If you do that, that just means you can't win against people of your lvl so you just take the anger of your own incompetence on lowbies. Theres a saying in china which is perfect for this bullying the weak and fearing the strong.
  10. Opinions on eye color?

    The second one seems better.
  11. That right there is reason enough why localization teams shouldn't fiddle with the story. They changed shit that doesn't need to be changed and voila story becomes shit with plotholes and very confusing.
  12. Still proves the point doesn't it? The localization team can change whatever they don't like and crap on the original work. In other words look at the dragon ball movie thats also "localization" and its shit.
  13. And thats a problem IMO. Who the *cricket* do these people think they are for the companies to change content for them? If you don't like it play something else. Don't demand change. Not everything should appeal to everyone. Its rated mature. Unfortunately this has been getting worse in the last few years everything is sexist, racist etc. And the sad part is the people that usually demand this don't even play the game. Companies try to appease everyone and that leaves us with our censorship or "localization" problem. They say better to take things out so they aren't problematic, on the other hand i doubt they realize many fans would like to the game to be as it is. So it devolves into a tug of war. And unfortunately in this case we are losing.
  14. Dropping professions

    Just came to tell you that if you change any of the guilds their lvl reset.
  15. I don't want to talk about censorship, just the quality of the story. Those complaining about the story being okay should watch the korean version and see for themselves. At first as i discovered the changes that were made i wasn't worried and didn't want to judge the story till i saw it myself. After experiencing both versions i can personally say that the korean version wins. Theres no discussion to be made: voice acting top notch, story i actually understood what was going on & i wasn't confused like with the english version. Oh the irony xD Its actually telling that a fan made translation is less confusing than the english one. WTF were the writers thinking? For the EU/NA changes others mentioned them, i can only say that the things removed/changed just take away from the story not add to it. Also seeing that this is supposed to be a mature game i'm really not sure why the muh feelings were hurt crowd should be listened to. Any adult worth their salt should be able to talk about any topics including *cricket*, racism etc. If something makes you uncomfortable thinking why is more helpfull than just saying change it. Last thing that really makes me angry though is that people are saying the author in korea approves? I'm willing to stake my life that the people that made the original had no idea about the changes did to the story afterall they did hand over the translation. So why would anyone fiddle with it? So in the end what do we get then? A bastardized version of blade & soul. Its as if i wrote some bad fanfiction and tried selling it around claiming its written by the original author. Anyone should see that's shameless right? So yes we got just Blade - good combat, but no soul story is subpar.