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  1. Is ANYTHING being done ??? !!!

    Processing all those paypal and credit card payments is a full time job man, who the heck have the time to ban bots/spammer/hackers.
  2. Petition: Hire in-game GMs

    Are we paying them monopoly money or toilet paper for the premium membership? It is not like they are not making any money, use some of those to provider us with basic services. I felt like they just port a 5 years old game to NA so they can cash in and let the game die slowly. If they want to maintain a healthy player base, this is common sense. I felt like a moron spending moneys on this game, I will not continue paying until something being done. We are not asking for complete elimination of bots, we know it is impossible, but at least routinely banning people so hacking/botting/win trading isn't without risk.
  3. Help, Can't seem to play the GAME!!!

    If it made you feel better, I had the same problem and can't log in for 2 days, and I am paying for premium membership too so it is just sitting there rotting.
  4. Thanks, time to read a book or something
  5. Right now Old Man Cho, Mushin, and Iksanun are locked, so when will they be unlock? If it is more than 3 days how do I request for refund? I rather wait 3 hours in queue than to play in a different server from friends.