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  1. 3. open pvp there are no rules, if you want rules play arena games. Back to topic. Both factions jump on the othe faction if we can when they are doing BW/Terror or tent farm if they can on my server and i love em for it, but as some ppl here say killing ppl that have focus on something else is easy, sadly this game have no "staged mass pvp", but the vidoe is still ok to watch if you want to see easy frags.
  2. Tanabe

    So Far?

    some days i find the assassin to be good fun, others its a pain and all you do is hit 2-4 skills, in pve the sin seem to rather good but boring, in pvp its a fun class.
  3. Faction seems to be rather even on the Ebon hall (EU) but was not like that when game launched it was heavy overpop to crisom side, but now its ok, but ofc you can change one of 5-10ch depend on if you wanna fight 1v10 or not, tbh to many ch to pick from in highere areas.
  4. Add that all faction npc 1 shot players not in a faction armor set if they attack em. so no more save when attacking other factions npcs.
  5. Hard to tell how you could fix open world pvp. First of remove arenas, if you wanna kill players go out and hunt em down. Make it so we can change the skin on faction gear, this game have some good armor looks but we cant pvp in em :( Remove HP gain from leveling, all player start and end on same HP only way to get more is from foods or better soul shield, and not as much HP on soul shields as there is now, a new level 45 have 20k less HP then someone that have the best soul shield atm 20K thats alot. I know this will mean PvE have to be remade aswell, but wth pve is shit anyway
  6. The player "Queen Blonde" is now my hero, most ppl in mmos now adays are so scared of open world pvp that they avoid it at all cost, this player see your in faction gear and attack or try to, fail 3+ times but still its what open world pvp is about.
  7. i agree the pve in this game is so easy, i am yet not 45 but for now its more or less just auto attack all the way dungeons and all. i hope 10th will bring the pain as i have so many heal pots to use. :)
  8. I am not a arena fan but i do it each day for the daily quests for it, i ma level 38 i think, i have not meet destroyer in arena yet, but summoners i have, and so fare best way i deal with em is to stay stealth and deal with the cat first, and then the caster after or the damn cat gets in the way, summoner is also the hardest class i have to deal with in open world where i do 99% of my killing.
  9. Open world pvp love it, nothing better then to grief the lowere level players, or meet other same level and have a go at em. As some what said, just take of your faction gear if it bother you, i have faction gear on to PVP so deal with it. I had this problem last night group for 40+ was hunting in the 30 area and i play 95% of the time in faction gear, and i had to deal with that group hunting me ½ way across the map befor they got me, i had to change ch to find other 40+ players farming aswell :) so had to take of my faction gear to do the missions in the area and took it on and i m
  10. Compensation for what downtime, since the 19/1 there have been little downtime, and the downtime that have been have been needed. And as OP say only ppl that pay for premium would have some rights to *cricket* about it if there was reson for it.
  11. the fight vs bots is all about time as they gain 0 from none of us going to their sites to be scammed (or so i hope none is so stupid to go look), in time most will stop making bots for this game and go to black desert online instead to try scam there, but NCsoft could do more to stop em as they fill up server space and make ppl not wanna play their game its bad for their own pockets.
  12. ye the "new" chat fuction dont work at all, bots are level 4-6 that spam us. i was really looking forward to adding faction chat window again and i just looked for 10sec and it was chaos. 50 on block list GG thats just invites em to make more bots.
  13. We have added a level 10 or below chat restriction for Region, Faction and Party Finder Chat Channels We have removed the level restriction to report a bot or spammer they did try something, it just did not work, still massive amount of goldspammers in faction and group chat.
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