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  1. Stop supporting the RNG boxes please. Keep this up and you'll be choking on gatchapons all market long.
  2. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I just bought $50 worth of NC Coin, however not a single coin will go towards that idiotic gatchapon. In fact, depending on how this will play out, this may be the last purchase I'll make. My statement is simple: I like the game, yes I will support it, but *cricket* on me, but ignore us and I'll ignore you. On top of that, if this doesn't get changed, as aforementioned, I will not recommend this game and encourage people to stay the hell away from it. Greedy publisher that's one thing, but greedy that ignores their player base, that's unacceptable. I am a wallet warrior but I'll become a free to play freeloader faster than a pimp can slap a ho if this doesn't change.
  3. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Hmm, so if I want a guaranteed costume I have to buy it from the market place, but that costs gold, and I have $$$ but not gold... Hey NC Soft, brings those bots back, I need to get the website they spammed. They seem to be more interested in giving me what we want than the publisher. Think about it geniuses! If a player wants an outfit, they'll get it. Question is, who's going to get the money? Gold sellers or NC Soft. For the record, this is not a threat, just logic.
  4. OP is right. I do wish to extend my thanks to NC Soft for this. Upgrading weapons in most games = Russian roulette and I am grateful for upgrades being guaranteed here.
  5. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Guys they just made a mistake, don't kill them for it before giving them a chance to make it right. I too will support the hate but only if nothing changes. For now give them a chance. Turn around time is about 1 week for things to happen. Let's wait and see.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Lineage 2??? Did you just say lineage 2??? Have you big seen their reward system where you would have to literally spend $200,000 in one year to get done rare item?
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I like this game, and I'm willing to show economic maturity to this company. I will buy some NC Coin to show support, but not buy the boxes. That sends a more powerful message. Buying nothing can backfire adversely. We want to show them that we don't want the gatchapons, not the entire hongmoon store.
  8. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I still have tons of EMP in Tera (NCCoin equivalent) and don't play that game anymore nor am spending the EMP because the gatchapons sicken me. Now, if these boxes are in game already, NC Soft can still do something about it and look good. Add a new box. Guarantee a costume, add in bunch of fluff (potions, food, vibrators, -whatever) to justify the 700% increase in otherwise a costume slot, and tell the customers "we listened to you and want to show it". Steep price is justified, wallet warriors are happy, and NC Soft will be capitalizing on newly captured, otherwise unavailable, revenue. If this is not a win-win situation I don't know what is.
  9. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Sorry, female costume I mean. Preferably Gon race. As to the poster before me, they will listed. Trust me their communication with the devs and higher ups is paradigm and even a bat can see that. Question is, will the marketing brass act on such request? Unfortunately marketing only speaks one language (money) but hopefully the CFO can bridge that disconnect.
  10. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Does anyone have a pic of this speculative costume?
  11. New RNG Box in Shop!

    NCSoft, look fellas... I've spent about $5k in Vindictus. Two major reasons I quit was that player complains were ignored and gatchapons. Before going any further, thank you again for culling the bot-spam pandemic. Please do not feed us a carrot on a stick with the gatchapons. I will be frank, I'll even pay $100 for a costume I like (although many will not) but you will loose a customer if there is not an alternative monetary method of getting the elusive item from a "box". Yes I may buy a few, and if I don't win it will leave a sour taste in my mouth and will likely end up quitting. I, like many others, enjoy the aesthetics of Blade & Soul but slutty and sexy costumes are just part of that charm. I have seen seen a similar situation in another game called Scarlet Blade (you will know it as Queen's Blade) where they attempted to put a very sexy costume into a gatchapon. I know from a credible source that this single act caused an exodus of a big percentage of the "founders". Realizing that they have effectively pissed off the wallet warriors as well as the freeloaders, they have attempted to fix their mistake by making the costume purchasable for a very high price. Of those who stayed, many bought one, myself included, but now the game's image (unfairly tainted by the a$$hole money hungry publisher) was all but ruined. Similarly here, if gatchapons are added without an alternative for a direct purchase, I will buy a few, but I will never give you a positive review of this game ever again. I will not recommend this game to anyone. In fact, I will caution them to stay away. In chess, strong players learn to sacrifice pieces for position. I trust that good reputation will outweigh NCSoft's greed. Please understand that we are not asking for a hand out. We get it, NCSoft is a profit organization not a $&@! church. All we want is a direct way of obtaining the item for a high price ($50, $75, $100, I doubt I'd pay more than that), in lieu of, or alternative to, purchasing a gatchapon. As as for the free loaders? There are the hongmoon coins; go save up if you do not wish to support a title you partake in daily.
  12. Infinite Challenge Costume

    Those who got it really early (1st, 3rd, etc try) were your characters level 45? I saw a black ram officer uniform drop back in my 20s, then 2 hats back-to-back and people were saying just how rare it is, so maybe it's the level?
  13. Infinite Challenge Costume

  14. Infinite Challenge Costume

    Hashbrown, how many runs?
  15. Thank you NCSoft - I'm impressed!

    Ok this just pisses me off. Now they are spamming the group finders. As in, when you walk up to the dragon stone. Fortunately we can still right click on that name, even in that dungeon finder interface and click on block spammer, haha!