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  1. Pretty much title. I come across so many kfms able to do the 100-0 combo and it irks me. They don't tech chase, they don't do anything special and can't 3rf in small combos. Yet somehow when I blow my tab they can execute the full combo flawlessly(macros?.) If I can get 3rf down without the use of macro, I imagine I'll be able to climb much easier considering in Diamond, every little bit of damage counts considering we're a mid-tier class. Don't get me wrong it's not like I've never done 3rf well, but my success rate is 10%. I can't wrap my head around it. Sometimes I get it down real well doing it slower than usual and sometimes faster than usual. What the heck am I doing wrong? Do I hit the R-F faster than the rest of the combo? I'd be thankful for any input because this is tilting me extremely hard.
  2. @NCWEST - Proposed change to pvp system

    If you want to PvP, just do Arena. I don't see a problem. The getting "ganged up on" scenario that has been my experience thus far is kind of lame because of the Area Channels. The "1v1 me bro" is no longer just a saying.