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  1. in this case, im insane, really insane but thankfully ive refrained myself from rng boxes....after 100+ attempts....oh well, i deserved all the stupidity from that knowing the chances and items i (could) get.
  2. You, me and everyone else who felt tricked has the right to be this way, otherwise NCsoft would feel this is okay if no one stepped up and spoke or submitted a ticket, all i can do is hope that you get your moneys worth back or they compensate for this misunderstanding.
  3. I dont mind giving them money aslong as they provide what we pay for , anyways im over it and i forgive NCsoft for their mistake.
  4. It's unfortunate honestly, this game has many flaws which is to be expected, but they knew there would be players who would have the temptation to try this system so they didn't get to it soon so they would let those players fall into prey and then address it and "encourage you to try again" I was aware of spending 50$ which was by my on decision, but i did it for a reason not for one piece of fabic. Anyways, i know now not to touch the transmute as its ALL pure luck, and most of the time the success rate is typically around 10% on your favor.
  5. Your welcome, don't fall into the same trap.
  6. What i sent to them was an exact copy of the forum post. Anyways, mistakes will happen, i am not rioting or pitchforking NCsoft, but i am surprised with the current state, yes i was aware of my spending, but was not with the item loss as it failed to notify me of the possible items id get if i transmutted and a Fabric was not included on the list.
  7. Now i know why NCSoft has a bad reputation as gaming publishers.
  8. Well now that i know this ,still does not make it alright to have Shop costumes to only be salvaged. I will keep away from transmuting since now i know all of the items is based on RNG. I will wait until loot costumes become salvagable to try again.
  9. Yeah, this is something that should have been addressed and patched before launch .It is as if they intended to hide the notification of a chance to fail before transmuting just so they can get you to think you will actually get it but instead give you a big middle finger with an item that is probably worth a cent.
  10. There you go guys NCSoft expects you to spend your hard earned money to not even be guaranteed the item you want. Good job NCsoft.
  11. And it hasnt been fixed or notified to the public ? Unacceptable.
  12. I've tried to salvage these outfits already and they were not an option but only "Link to chat"
  13. Look forward to a Forum update most likely tomorrow, i will quote on quote paste what their response will be.
  14. Yeah, i have already submitted a ticket, only waiting for a response. Will update on what they say because this can affect my perspective on NCsoft and whether i will freely give them my money or not.
  15. Yeah, as a player who really is into outfits as they call "Fashionista" i let the urge get to me to spend money on an item i was hoping to receive. I should have done my research before wasting 50+ USD.But that doesnt make it okay for NCsoft to not display a failure chance notification before proceeding to transmute.
  16. Usually the case when you transmute the materials are not consumed if failed , but not ever given something else rather than the wanted item in the transmute. I do not like this system what so ever...
  17. So today i was minding my own business playing some BnS and i encountered the Transmuting options and my eyes were caught on the Outfit pouches and so i decided to salvage many Cash shop outfits since that is the only way to obtain High Quality Fabrics and Fabrics and finally after spending real money to salvage outfits i had reached 10x fabric(s) and 3 High Quality fabrics , i was baffled on what happened next. I transmuted expecting nothing but to obtain the High Quality Outfit Pouch ,but instead was "rewarded" with ONE High Quality Fabric....is this an error? is this a bug? This is not righ
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