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  1. Gated content, 45 balance, arena lag

    And the sad thing is NCWest has a track record of trashing games with abysmal management
  2. Gated content, 45 balance, arena lag

    It is and the fanboys refuse to accept the truth
  3. Performance, FPS, LAGS, Freezes

    Helps by like maybe 2-5 FPS but it doesn't fix it does it? So many fanboys that so desperately want to ignore the crippling optimization issues this game has, no surprise when I just wasted 8GB of bandwith to install Lineage II it didn't work shocking had to set its optimization profile to Vista before it would even let me make a character. The terrible optimization has killed most of my desire to play this game, can't do much progress with how broken it is in group content
  4. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    There was no difference changing from HDD to SSD for me
  5. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    Unguided just means without a ping service
  6. Once again, game in emergency

    Of course the apologists and white knights swarm, but then NCSoft has a reputation for allowing these things to happen. I'm not really surprised the game is going down in flames
  7. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    probably is the client is also poorly optimized, if your lag problems started with the last patch that is probably what caused it. You should do a speedtest with all your ping services that you use, and also using the un-guided service to determine which is your best option
  8. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    1. It auto-repairs everytime I load 2. Last time I did that the game chain crashed until I reverted back to previous version 3. I don't see how that would fix anything. 4. Don't have connection issues, its fps issues. 5. How would that effect the game? 6. I have AMD but I don't see anything listed as that 7. Made the game even more unstable
  9. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    That is really odd because if you live in a city or even a suburban area you shouldn't be getting 200ms Brisbane > Austin is roughly 220ms so there is no way you should be getting in that range from Canada which is way closer
  10. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    So they definitely broke something then if someone who didn't previously lag before is getting lag
  11. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    Are you connecting to a Texas area server? Because that is where the B&S servers are located. You shouldn't be getting 200+ms with a static connection unless you live in like the northern wildlands where there's only wireless connections
  12. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    Where do you live? and what server are you connecting to?
  13. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    yeah standing on the pier outside the entrance to bloodshade lags even just walking, they screwed something up unfortunately. If the March 2 patch doesn't fix what ever they broke with this one, i'm going to have to hang up the towel like I did with FFXIV they had really bad netcode, FPS was fine but 450ms when in dungeons but only 220ms outside showed they had something really messed up.
  14. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    Before, it was marginally playable with Poharan with the models off. But now after the patch its gotten so bad the other bosses are now also lagging badly. They broke something there unfortunately
  15. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    Been dealing with it since I hit end game, bad optimization and the absurd lack of 'hide other players effects' causes the game to be simply unplayable in group situations