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  1. This game has been out for years in other countries, and has always revolved around PvP. The game isn't going to change at its core simply because they're localizing it for NA/EU. I don't get why people continue to make threads like these because they didn't know what they were signing up for.
  2. This. If they expect to keep customers they most certainly need to communicate with the players. In almost no other game have I seen less communication with the community than with BnS.
  3. Are you guys actually serious? Exploiting??? You still have to kill the boss in Ogong, lol. That's like saying if you train past mobs to get to a boss you're exploiting. Maybe they should fix their code to not allow something as obvious as dodging through a damn wall. If you could one shot the boss, then yeah, ban everyone who does it.
  4. Yeah...Enjoy the ban hammer, with that attitude you're never getting it back.
  5. I would think in this day and age most MMOs would be adopting all of the great features from other games. Does it really need saying that nobody wants to have a bunch of different tokens for this and that in their inventory? Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I would love to see a tab where all of your currencies are so you don't have to waste bank or inventory space on them. Thoughts?
  6. I love when I get 45's to run me through a zone on my alt, and if they bid a bunch on an outfit that means more money for me. Not really sure what the problem is here...If you still want the outfit when you hit 45 then you can go back and get it too. Why should they take the time to make a mechanic stopping higher levels from doing zones with lower levels, because you don't have enough money to outbid them? It's not like they're stealing something from you, they have just as much right to run the zone as you do.
  7. I did it with my LBM, I really enjoy the tower and hope more challenging solo content comes out.
  8. Some games just aren't for some people, like ones that require any sort of knowledge or intelligence.
  9. They need to replace whoever is doing their rewards, because they're terrible at it. The quest gives 120xp, no monetary incentive, barely anything useful, and the dumbest looking customization item I think I've ever seen. Something else I have to mention, because it just makes me sad..The rewards for Blackwyrm cost absolutely ridiculous prices. I'm talking about the tokens that he drops upon death from the chests. It takes 100 essences of blackwyrm to buy ONE gem shard pouch, this mob now has 91 million hp and generally takes over 30 minutes to kill...Why are the drops so absolutely dumb?
  10. More and more people aren't subbing, so I think (And hope), that they'll improve the membership soon.
  11. I think one of their biggest problems, even more than the problems themselves, is their lack of communication with the community.
  12. These kind of posts should just be instantly deleted. They add absolutely nothing to the forum, including helpful feedback.
  13. Many people are having this problem.
  14. I don't hate beginners, but anyone going into a level 45 zone under that level immediately has my distaste. Granted this is completely on NCSoft to fix so I can only really partially blame them.
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