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  1. Nooby Screenshot question

    You my friend are a gentlemen and a scholar.
  2. How can I take screenshots in game without any UI stuff up. just my character? If there is a way to do it it would be awesome therefore I could mess around with editing some stuff! Thanks in advance. Orxx
  3. You guys ready for the plebs

    RIP everyone <3 u all
  4. Starting to get tired of the RNG...

    I dunno I kinda like it, :D makes it more exciting to me when I get something.
  5. Its almost time for the non-founders to flood the game. ^^
  6. The start of the end of Poharan

    Yeah theres 2 ppl infront of me and im at 14 min :( RIP Poharan
  7. Awful Bug

    Unfortunate one of my clan mates had this happened sent a ticket and they resolved it for him. Just a waiting game.
  8. Marketplace not available

    Works fine for me?
  9. How to loot and make money?

    You get a ton of hammers just from following the quest lines, I didnt make money until I was able to dungeon etc, getting rare drops and selling them on the auction house and stuff.
  10. Blubba GFX Shop

    Reserved. Going to need some twitch panels in the near future.
  11. This is what we need
  12. Error E02017

    Anyone know what this is? No matter what I do I cant get it to work, was playing fine until today.
  13. Barnivere's Works

    Okay cool :D