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  1. I agree! This is the most fun I have had in a while in the game!
  2. Omg.. I didn't see this but I'm also irritated.. I also did my upgrade to true profane prior to this patch and have it sitting waiting to be used.. Please allow us to still use it at least for the upgrade - I spent real monies in order to get brilliant keys to do this...
  3. Is there any way now or in the future to circumvent the distraction debuff that prevents further stacking of the galaxy buff? As it seems now, the galaxy buff can never be attained while fighting people with the ring.. Unless I'm missing something?
  4. Boops

    PvP gear

    Sadly, this is not true, not entirely. There is a small subset of people that obtained hellfire soul shields early on from a glitch and seems ncsoft did not take them from them allowing them to keep them and use them in open world pvp which is completely unfair..
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