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  1. Unlimited Items in Today's Specials

    Wow these mess ups are ridiculous! This obviously requires a rollback on the items purchased over the intended limit EVEN if it requires giving Paypal/credit card refunds. The only other option would be to make it p2w for everyone by allowing another unlimited purchase time.
  2. Ivory Scales?

    so do you not need them to enter anymore? I was wondering why they were so cheap when I bought a few the other day.
  3. NA Transfer server yehara to another NA server

    It has been in the works for 6 months I find it a bit ridiculous at this point.
  4. Hongmoon Sapphire

    You can do it just buy the swimsuit bundle multiple times LOL.
  5. What can an old vet say? Git a life scrubs

    Even though coming back to troll is questionable behavior I agree with what you wrote. People here seem to flip out about everything. It makes me wonder how they handle it when something goes wrong in real life.
  6. performance questions.

    Are you playing with other characters hidden (Ctrl F)? What is your exact cpu? Unless you are playing at a very high resolution you should be getting better fps with a GTX 1080 and characters hidden.
  7. The situation with Sogun's Lament

    Have you ever tried making your own group and saying that attack of 520+ is fine? There are lots of people in that range so it shouldn't be too hard to form one.
  8. Gameguard? Why do you still use this crap?

    LOL this again? Obviously most people are playing perfectly fine otherwise it would have been removed long ago. If it bothers you that much just go play a different game.
  9. Opening 100 Training Pouch - RAGE!!!

    That's not really that much if you play a lot or buy from the current exchange now gold is so cheap.
  10. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    Nice job once again proving people will complain no matter what Ncsoft does. Usually people are angry when they have to buy things.
  11. Jin Male or Female

    Jin female has a slightly faster animation speed time than male so if you are a serious pvper go with that. I'm not sure what update this is fixed in.
  12. Summoner undergeared event?...or what?...

    Did you ever consider that not everyone started this game on launch or has been playing consistently? I guess that would require too much brain work on your part.
  13. Future Dungeon AP Predictions

    So basically for people that rushed to legendary they are good until the end of next year?
  14. Ok i got tired from it!

    Well the only thing you can do is stay off the forums and especially reddit. The mods should probably start cleaning up the negative threads that are basically duplicates of something already posted.
  15. BNS West Pay to Play - Why not?

    The funny thing is they just released a major update today and it still continues to somehow turn a profit here. When all is said and done it will probably have lasted far longer than BnS.
  16. BNS West Pay to Play - Why not?

    I didn't play the other games you mentioned but as far as Aion goes here are a few of the things that changed after it was moved to a f2p model. -The addition of RNG based events that basically require you to spend money to get anything decent out of them. Very similar to what BNS had right after launch. -Changes to the game design itself which pressured players to spend money in order to compete in a gear and pvp sense. Before the f2p model was implemented everything was rewarded based on your playtime, not wallet. -The mass influx of players from regions outside of the U.S. which seemed to degrade the friendliness of the community. I won't name the specific regions here. -Many more players started hacking on "throw away" accounts because they know if they are caught they can easily create another. -The lack of official moderation and support from NCSoft. As someone that played both the p2p and f2p model and saw the changes that occurred first hand I would rather see games at least attempt a p2p model first.
  17. WTFast Worth it for BnS? Y/N

    As I stated before WTFast is perfectly safe to use. NCSoft can't even see you are running it. Some other lesser known ping tools though that don't work the same way could potentially cause issues if they hide your real IP.
  18. BNS West Pay to Play - Why not?

    There is no way they can change it now it would need to have been p2p at release, then after a couple years go f2p.
  19. WTFast Worth it for BnS? Y/N

    In the case of WTFast this is false. WTFast passes along your real IP address so to Ncsoft it looks identical as if you were playing without a Ping Booster. Using WTFast is not the same as using a VPN which hides your IP.
  20. Story time

    At least half the players with legendary are whales that have no idea how to dps or do much of anything besides spend money for that matter. You can't really go by stats as an indicator of anything now.
  21. My friend got the Aqua after 7 chests she bought with leftover HM coins. Then she bought a few more chests with Ncoin and got the other gem. There are videos though of people not getting it 100-200 tries.
  22. BNS West Pay to Play - Why not?

    As someone else already said you are wrong. Aion was a far better game when it had a subscription based model. Making it f2p ruined everything about it.
  23. WTFast Worth it for BnS? Y/N

    Choose Port 80 in the advanced settings and the chat will work fine.
  24. WTFast Worth it for BnS? Y/N

    It is definitely worth it. The servers have been going down hill since the release. I used to play perfectly fine on my own connection but now wtfast is basically required as a melee class. I posted this a few days ago if you own some MSI hardware you can get 2 months for free.
  25. A new low from NCSoft [ Thank you package ]

    My friend didn't get the returning user package even though she hasn't played in a few months. Any ideas?