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  1. Wow these mess ups are ridiculous! This obviously requires a rollback on the items purchased over the intended limit EVEN if it requires giving Paypal/credit card refunds. The only other option would be to make it p2w for everyone by allowing another unlimited purchase time.
  2. so do you not need them to enter anymore? I was wondering why they were so cheap when I bought a few the other day.
  3. It has been in the works for 6 months I find it a bit ridiculous at this point.
  4. Just report this I am pretty sure this isn't allowed on the official forums.
  5. Well that is much better. Your screenshots didn't do it justice before.
  6. That is why it is not working! SLI is meant to split the load 50/50. Nvidia needs to provide a specific profile for this game. It is better to use one card at max load until they fix this if they ever do.
  7. Unless I am misreading your charts the first GPU is receiving far more of the load than the second. If SLI is working as it should the gpu usage would be identical between them.
  8. SLI doesn't work properly in full screen mode either. I have two GTX 970s which I need for some games because I play at 1440P. If you watch the gpu usage after alt - tab the second card never gets it's fair share of the load.
  9. Yeah Windows 10 is meant to have a quite a few background optimizations that depending on the title could make a difference in some games and apps. Everyone should get the free upgrade while they still can.
  10. There is no way BnS is written to take advantage of Mantle. The engine is too old. You can actually see on that site the few supported games.
  11. I honestly think it is just because more people have Intel cpus so you are hearing their complaints more.
  12. That is not true at all. Intel cpus are much faster than AMD at single threaded tasks and have been for a long time now. Look at the chart here. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html That is stock performance Intel cpus also overclock much higher for the most part. As for Nvidia's performance far more people own Nvidia cards than AMD so that may be why there are more complaints. I don't get any stuttering on my setup but the performance in heavily populated areas is definitely bottle necking on the cpu side.
  13. With all the people complaining about performance issues they think Gameguard is causing ever since the last patch I have been getting the most stable fps since release. I actually lowered my cpu overclock to keep heat down because I found it wasn't worth it anymore. As I said before I'm on a 4690K and GTX 970.
  14. This doesn't happen on my computer with a GTX 970 but I'm pretty sure its because the game uses a fake full screen mode.
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