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  1. Why is everyone trying to play on Mushin server?

    Yah eventually, all other servers will die out of player base and there will be 1 server that will have the better player population and people don't want to be in that boat where they beg G.Ms to merge their dying server with the most populated server, and right now Mushin is waaaaay popular then the rest. So in the long run when servers start dying out, you don;t have to start from point 0 on the popular server. All I did was reserve myself a name on Mushin and began my adventure in Jiwan for the time being until Mushin population stables. But hey the good thing about BnS is the cross server for arena and dungeons :D at least you have hope with connecting with the other servers in the big ways since arena and dungeons is what BnS for the most part is all about
  2. Premium Member Queue

    Just switch servers, :p there are many servers for reason. Should have had patience before applying your codes and such i guess. Well I was hoping to play Mushin since majority of friends over there but I guess for now until the current problem with Mushin fades i'll be playing on Jiwan and testing things, It worked out great, got into Jiwan without having to que up and such and enjoying myself