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  1. FPS issue?

    Oh, I had no clue about that i think about it, its true that i lagged depending on how long i was in arena for. Thanks for the info =)
  2. FPS Rate Drop, any solutions?

    I have 6TX 860m i7 core and 16 gb ram as well and FPs drops like crazy especially during BW and i mean like settings on low performance mode and still FPs drop also client tends to stop responding for a few long seconds, I mean i can see why FPs would drop on high settings but i mean low performance settings? I don't see why there should be any lag
  3. Warlock will be nerfed once released, they mentioned that in a twitch discussion
  4. it is topics like this that cause the forums to suddenly shutdown *smh* can we please stop having these dumb topics up
  5. PVP is trash

    Are you referring to arena pvp? If so I was able to get gold before level 20 but of course i had months of practice in the past, but really don't pvp until at least level 35+ depending on how experienced you are, if its your first time just don't, you'll just be frastruated by how much you get smacked around Stick to pve lol at least until you get enough skill points to be able to compete as a new player
  6. Remove the bid system.

    This is the dumbest request......the bidding system is completely fine, you won't leave the dungeon empty handed you either bid high or you pass which results in you getting some gold. Dice roll looting now is dumb asf, your chances of getting the item are never guaranteed and you'll feel like crap when you dont get the item, at least now you can smile about it makes you at least got some gold in your pockets. Overall I just prefer bidding for item and final bid price gets divided among party rather then bidding with a 1/6 chance of obtaining the loot and leaving with empty pockets.
  7. Fix the queue times.

    Like said before premium que time is high only because server crashed and many non premiums got the chance to clutch a spot in the servers, Just because your a premium doesn;t mean the server will kick out a non premium member and move you in line. Nope premium only gives you a higher priority of getting in.
  8. Fix the queue times.

    Its due to the server crashes....non premium members and bots took the opportunity to get in the server and hold a spot for themselves. That is why premium que is higher then non member que. It is the same in mushin too lol
  9. Server down or crashed ?

    =_= was just trying to do some arena.......
  10. Megaserver?

    "less game time means less money from players" lol trust me NcSoft has mad a heck of money this way, there is a reason why premium gives you a prioritie in que for example I couldn't get into any server until I bought premium and hella ya tons of other people did too, Their just forcing people to pay using this method. And they would only get money from players who would even take the step to buy a cheap premium anyways. In summary it was all planned out to milk money at the start by forcing players to buy premium in order to enter swiftly then after sometime bring out the new servers and make everything seem ok. (: well It is what is
  11. These topics are so dumb....Just don't go to arena if your complaining about the level difference, instead go do some pvp and practice your skills on mobs while getting level and once your 45 or at least 30(Where you have most escape/counterskills) then go back to arena. Trust me if you don't know how to arena in BnS, don't try it before getting to level 30.
  12. Thoughts on the Loot Auctions?

    I love it, other then slowing down the dungeon when people have to bid....would be good if you can continue to the next part of dungeon while still bidding, but other then that I think its fair, you know how much i hate having to roll for chance out of 100 against team mates? that is terrible lol my luck is always terrible, I have had bad experiences with that in previous mmo.
  13. We should demand free NCoins

    So?....takes like 1 day to cap level
  14. We should demand free NCoins

    LMAO yes, this is exactly how it went down.
  15. We should demand free NCoins

    most people too busy to bother with the live streams (:
  16. We should demand free NCoins

    You are correct on this, they should have done the warning within the game like on the banners rather then just announcing it on twitch.....they didn't even announce it on the website even when the forums were down. But they did it late, when the situation got out of control.
  17. We should demand free NCoins

    It's going to be hell haha all the F2P players will get salty when their in que for like 76 hours because premium players come first :p I guess they will all end up playing the emptiest server. The emptiest server right now will be the F2P server lool im moving over there >_> just to cash shop tease them
  18. We should demand free NCoins

    Yah I knew that this was going to happen eventually, which is why i made a few characters on mushin yesterday before the patch came, this kinda of thing was expected. And I wouldn't Say long time.
  19. We should demand free NCoins

    then please stop making these topics....the last thing NCsoft will do is give you guys free Ncoins lmao, their not that soft. And tbh I want to play mushin server too but im at least making the best of my time by playing on another server FOR THE TIME BEING. Once things stablize on mushin server then i'll gladly play.
  20. Premium Member Queue

    I believe they will stay, premium is account wide
  21. Warlock Class

    Man who cares about warlock, we got bigger issues right now
  22. Founders got punished for buying

    Nah.....some decided to go into the server where like 70% of the population wasn't headed to, in result their enjoying their master pack pretty well. But then again its ridicules how NCSOFT knew this was going to happen in mushin server and never had a backup plan.....they could have at least not made mushin the default server at the top that shadowed over the rest of the servers.
  23. Premium Member Queue

    ....oh damn loool i feel bad for you bruh
  24. Premium Member Queue

    Doesn't the game automatically select mushin for you as your defualt option in the character creation? I believe it was like that, i had to actually pick a different server rather then continue on
  25. Why is everyone trying to play on Mushin server?

    Yah, well said hime. With the cross server arena and dungeons you won't really ever be alone. All i did was non stop arena in beta anyways lol