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  1. Coin of memory!

    This has been brought up numerous times and i haven't seen a reply on the subject and forgive if i missed on it but I just can't seem to find the answer at all so here is my question. Will Coin of memory still be available for trades in the dragon express after this weeks maintenance?
  2. Coin of memory!

    Ty for the info
  3. next update fix

    Actually about the ping issue, i do indeed believe it is an issue. In normal maps and dungeon cross server my ping is perfectly great then enters Tower of infinity and i swear its so weird like the connection is so unstable. As im fighting the opponents at one instance things are going good then all of sudden delays all over the place. And the moment im out of the tower everything is normal. It's the same in trial arena too. Only in these 2 places i experience weird and unexpected ping delays.
  4. Coin of memory!

    yes your right, but just worries me cuz there is no expiration date markd on the coin of memory like previous mats for events
  5. You know without much information I ran into this by coincidence too messing around with my settings. motion blur doesn't increase much of the FPs but it indeed does keep my FPs from dropping randomly.
  6. Bound to account (Black Rose Feather)

    I perhaps agree with the value of skins not dropping, honestly wouldn't matter as much since the skins are rare to find unsealed and sell :3
  7. Bound to account (Black Rose Feather)

    This is outdated but to get taikhans skin from dragon express in event tab you need 65 coin of memory and 10 if coin of memory is still useful and available for trade next update then i can trade about 9 taikhans skills since i got at least 65 memory coins on each char. So this would really make taikhan skins lose value but at least would make my life easier lol but thats what i was saying in my post
  8. Bound to account (Black Rose Feather)

    No, they shouldn't be bound to account. You know one of their main objectives at the moment is to restrict players from duping event items in the dragon express on alts who are not 50 and such? If they were account bound you know items like Taikhans skins, flowers lament and perhaps even hexagonal gems would be a joke to obtain....That's just how I see it, maybe im wrong.
  9. Can we have a nicer forum? :3

    Can we get the views fixed first? :3
  10. Current status of WWV

    Seriously if something ain't working out the way you want it to take a break from it. Your playing with the same ODDs as many others. No one gets to pick the side that will have the most AP or better players....if anything i suggest getting a reliable partner always works out in my case, been going on winning streaks. I honestly play WWW just for the fun of it and sometimes I get this same frustration your having but It doesn't need to be taken to the forums, the forums already has enough of these topics. Instead I simply take a bit of rest from WWW and try my luck another time.
  11. Whirlwind valley event review

    They seriously need to bring this event back ASAP, I actually had something to do in BnS and was very rewarding and fun while worth the time logging in for. Was able to save up on over 2000+ worth of gold on many of the materials obtained like the offals and other hongmoon skills, not just main but alts too. If anything perhaps the greatest event we have had yet, Enjoyed it!
  12. Tribute Coins

    How to obtain Tribute Coins now? O.o
  13. PvE vs PvP Leveling

    PvE is waaaaay faster you will reduce your leveling by a huge gap leveling through arena rather then pve content. This would have perhaps been a different case if 1. This was during beta times since back then arena Que was much quicker and i mean like in an instant no matter the rank now it can take up to over a minute to get matched 2. Also again if this was during beta considering that back then you would have been more likely qued up against someone your level range, but at the moment expect to be matched against lots of lvl 50s. And yes level makes a difference, although arena is balanced you will still lack the skill points to compete against higher levels. Also to add on to that, many folks have hoongmoon skills now which will have you on the edge, they make a difference as well. 3. And again for the 3rd time if this was back during beta/starters you would have better odds of winning and gaining exp because many weren't experienced in arena at that time but now its filled with level 50s and ones that have been playing arena/game for months and are experienced who would likely give you a harsh beating, and in arena you literally don't make any exp out of the match if you lose.....It really takes time and practice and many matches to get used to the mechs in arena, its not just key smashing 4. And as for the last reason, as mentioned before you have to win in order to get a satisfying amount of exp in arena, and in your cases unless your a genius or already have experience of how arena works in BnS it would probably take about 300 match's at least before you start winning regular matchs over and over which will cause you to fall behind But otherwise if you do have the experience and arena freak when it comes to mmo, then I would say wait until lvl 50, its at this point where leveling through pvp arena actually trumps pve method once dallies are done, at least in my case as someone who spent all day in arena to like cap level during beta. In conclusion leveling through arena pvp is twice the fun if you enjoy arena pvp's but no its not faster then doing pve, in fact its waaaay slower. And yes these statements are all based on inferring that your a complete new player to BnS
  14. Forcing us to pvp ...

    Get over it, I am an all out pvp player and im forced to pve to make progression in game so it is what it is tho the new continent silverfrost does make pve challenging a bit and fun.
  15. well beat the bots first....prove your skills :D in wont run into a single one, at least i have never run into a bot 1v1 and im in plat @.@
  16. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    I laughed so hard reading this topic haha fail post....but really can we stop making these dumb topics, there are bigger issues like this freaking fps stutter that needs fixing and for gods sake can we get team kick working.
  17. yes, even while afk/not doing any movement fps just drops randomly. Basically FPs stutters
  18. I never seen a bot in 1v1 U_U you should be lucky to run into one lol free points and beans, and i am in 2k+ points. Really bots shouldnt be much trouble, and don't even dream about bots in arena issue from being resolved, from what i heard their still in even the korean version.
  19. Anything with a price isn't free doesn't matter if compared.
  20. And at the end of the day with the use of gold its still not free, 13s to craft the refiner and 13s to craft the MWTS 26s lol so don't even use without the use of gold. And really how long does it take to solo and i hear people farm days without the recipe dropping.
  21. And the kind of time it takes to solo the dungeon for the recipe aint free lmao who even farms that dungeon for just that item that rarely drops. Which is why its done in groups and bidding happens.
  22. No way in hell is crafting moonwater transformation stones free, the premium tempered clay refiner you really can't obtain unless you buy from market or farm the recipe to craft it and when you farm the recipe heck yah your gonna throw a lot of cash bidding of that. So to say it all in a sentence, it is not free due to the refine being an ingredient in order to craft. Or unless im wrong and their is totally a way to get those free lol but yah really just grind to 45 which doesn't take long and you'll make enough gold in 1 day of questing dailies to get that first one you need.
  23. why i see less and less everyday?

    You don't see many because BnS isn't really that much of a social game. For the most part your fine on your own, everyone just does arena/cross server dungeon and Misty Woods is very populated in mushin and really there are lots of channels which spreads out the player base.
  24. FPS issue?

    So just of lately I been having the weirdest FPS drops ever, I lag at times when i shouldn' arena 1v1? I don't understand it I played since alpha and I just been having these issues lately and I don't remember making modification to my system. Below is the test I did on systemrequirmentslab, basically compares the recommendations for BnS to my PC specs and really It tells me i should be fine. Anyone have clue? or has the same issue? I can't even get near BW anymore with lowest graphic settings @_@