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  1. Forum upgrade?

    Lol before that can we get the views fixed????
  2. Why did you stop giving money?

    Read the first reason and was like wow, BnS has too many cry babies rofl just to counter that one line, summoners can 100-0 if done correctly, and besides with the infinite heal you shouldn't complain about not being able to 100-0....and as for BM you right, they been over powered but still you say " A SUMMONER is not allowed any mistakes against a Blademaster or they instantly lose " as if, if not all the other classes but majority of the other classes are on the same boat. And this is coming from a long time veteran arena player.
  3. Suggestion: Latency Enhancement for Brazilians

    I live in the states and I run the game with 130ms-160s majority of the time, and on good days close to 115ms. And and terrible days like right now im running on 200-215ms.....And i believe the latency is still perfect in the 200 range, only around 300-500 it gets chaotic. Pretty much all i am saying is 100-250ms is totally fine with BnS, and this is coming from an arena favor player.
  4. Dumbest topic to ever be created on the forums, NcSoft should start giving out awards like this since its end of the year lol. Everyone knew they were eventually going to make a discount on legendary like they did with literally almost every other content in game. Maybe you should have waited like some did? its like you enjoyed your moment of owning legendary but don't want to get punished for not waiting. Take it like this, you buy a product(that is unrefundable since NcSoft mentioned their terms many times) months or weeks before black Friday sells, then black Friday comes along and now you want refund of what you spent so you can re spend it on its cheaper value. Ridiculous lol
  5. Function to vote kick online players

    BnS needs this, I have played many mmo's with this function and i dont remember it being a problem. Besides most dungeon parties are in F8 where it is random people it'll hardly get abused. And the fact that this function doesn't exist itself is already being abused by many players who afk in parties and those who steal others loot in mandate and many other scenarios.
  6. Don't Buy a laptop for BnS its gonna frustrate you, unless your buying those really top end 2k laptop asus, On Gtx 860M, 16GB Mem, i7 process, I run 30fps to as low as 1fps with Ctr F, the game just doesnt like laptops with these specs its not optimized for it. I can play any other game perfectly fine with this laptop but not BnS
  7. You know this right here has been bugging me for a long time now, I thought i was just misunderstanding something but at the same time things didn't seem right, and eventually I reduced my usage for the market place and began selling in trades instead more often. I really want to know lol is this a bug or a misunderstanding, are the Fees for setting up the item for sale and the one after its sold totally different? doesn't make sense to pay fee for putting up an item for sale and paying another fee after its sold.
  8. This is also the main reason im giving up on BnS, FPs issues since its launch and the past week has been the worst, i digged through my system for any solutions but no matter what nothing works, im convinced its client issues only mmo/game i had this issue with and trust me i played many games on this pc that require high end pc like gta 5 and ran with smooth perfect fps. Perhaps BnS just ain't laptop friendly :/ Ran asura today with 5-15 fps max lmao its so weird, while in the dungeon when im not in combat stable solid 60fps then enter combat fps goes as low as 5fps and non stop freezes, im so confused. At best all I can do is arena which seems to be working fine don't experience as much trouble there. Infact 90%~ of the activities i done the past week is arena cuz its so frustrating tackling this issue. My Specs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Processor Intel(R): Core(TM) i7-4710HQ CPU Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 Video Card #2: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M RAM: 16 GB Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (build 9600), 64-bit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Premium Transformation Stones

    Another player who blows their gold on RNG when they can always hit the market.....If RNG doesn't favor you then don't take the gamble its that simple. But regardless they do need to reduce the mats and gold required to attempt in transmuting one lol
  10. As a veteran player here is my advice....screw crit dmg/ and cri, go all out AP, even though cri is just as important if not more important. If you don't focus AP you won't make any progress or at least your progress will be halted. Because in BnS majority of everything is done in parties and dungeons and no one even checks your cri stats when recruiting. So if you really want to make progress get your AP so you can get into parties and leech off the carriers. Get your AP around 550 then get your access's to Oatbreaker awakened, then get your weapon maxed, then you should have around 600 AP or near it(depending on your gems) once you benchmark 600 AP your set to focus on Cri attributes as you can do pretty much majority of the content.
  11. About the treasure trove expansion bundle

    Same stack from what i remember (;
  12. Game Guard

    So...Anyone else having an issue getting past game guard at the resolving stage of its process? Just closes off with an error @.@
  13. This thread will perhaps get locked soon :3
  14. Same, been getting frequent disconnects, about 2-4 random ones today and im very confident its not my side of the connection.
  15. Kung Fu Master's Ice Guard

    KFM isn't the only class, I mainly play BD and sometimes my raid skill I press the skill and it goes on CD without it actually activating and sometimes my V skill just doesn't go off no matter how many times i press it until the next round. But its a rare thing, Only seen it happen a few times.
  16. fix sprint....

    Agreed, combat stuck is the worst in this game.
  17. BD have to sacrifice a lot of DPs for double stun, i hate being forced to have to spec it :3 and a depenable iframe for double daze also dps as well
  18. block list (yeah again)

    I can't believe it now there are even complaints about the block system......BnS community needs to settle down. 50 is all you need for block list that is plenty and i rarely run into anyone who i partied with before in cross dungeon.
  19. FM vs Reflect stun

    As a long time BD pvper, I would say FM are my worst least one that knows the weakness of the parry stun. Usually in arena is where i find these troublesome force (MASTERS)
  20. Revelation Online

    .....You quit 8 months ago still lurking in the forums making another one of these pointless threads @.@ but rofl you quit cause summoners got nerfed? lolol that is one legit reason to quit a game, what happens if they nerf your class in revelations too :3 just saying, you probably struggle to find the perfect mmo to stick with. And Fyi summoners still the most OP classes, i mean look into the rankings summoners every where....nerf them even more .__.
  21. PvP Assassin Overpowered

    Trust me, any Sin using the fighting spirit instead of the flower escape is a noob >.> and if you knew your class well you shouldn't struggle with these kinda sins. But then again Sins and Summoners are the toughest in arena until you reach your classes max potential and understand how you play against them. Then they feel like the easiest classes in arena to face off against
  22. pumpkin spice candy

    Well....For new players their first method of obtaining the candy is blackram narrows which gives 1 which doesn't let them transmute it. And 2nd option is Tomb of exiles which gives 2 candies then after that is blackram supply chain which by this point of progression into the game 10 silvers is a a simple daily gives over 10-50s. In other words the event isn't intended for low new players you have to at least progress to lvl 30-40 and above to begin doing much of transmuting.
  23. Moonstones

    Moons stones can be acquired from belagu lagoon 6v6? and I mean different way from the Sparkling WW key chest.
  24. The post-update skill resets. really?

    @.@ takes like 1 minute to respect if your a pvp and pve player lol I probably reset the skill tree twice a day perhaps and respec
  25. PVE players pissed of again? :(

    Dumb thread, Why cry for pvp items/gear when you basically stated that you hate pvp....makes no sense @.@ seriously put the curtains over on this thread.