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  1. Too much RnG

    Enough said? lol but alts to the rescue, although i know a few who might not be getting the gem...
  2. Too much RnG

    Yap chances of getting the Gem are very high but not guaranteed so out of 100 players 1 might not be getting the gem due to their terrible unfortunate luck. That's the only concern to this event, the Gem is what everyone wants but its not guaranteed. For instance my BM and KFM were only able to get 1 cri throughout this event and i confirmed it today and correct me if i am wrong but even if i were to buy all the bundles I wouldn't have enough for the Gem which leaves my hopes on the Daily Dash and if i was a non premium player RIP to me. But yah I am not salty, have 9 characters able to do the event and i am satisfied with the event but would just suck to be that 1 player.
  3. Warlocks are way too necessary.

    ......SB is a big deal lol most people are getting the idea of Crit stats now and also awakened skills themselves alone are enough to say its a god tier skill if you do 4 man with a WL says it all when the meter goes nuts. For some classes it does make a major difference and im only saying this cause i haven't experienced SB on every class.
  4. Four thoughts on game improvement?

    Hongmoon skills make arena more balanced then you think, its just some skills that kill it like BMs HM stun pull, but overall it feels like hongmoon skills are intended to make arena it self balanced. I played since this game launched and all i did was arena so i know how it was without HM skills and it was a mess for some classes. BM's would be at a huge disadvantage, SF and FM same thing. Without HM skills the gap between some classes and others when it comes to balance will just get worse. BD and WL and Sum would conquer the rest. I can already get near 1900 ELO(plat) on a level 48 BD WITHOUT HM SKILLS and no joke without, while when i try to do the same with other classes i can barley get into 1700+ ELO. My SF that is level 50 HM 8 with all pvp HM skills only able to go as high as 1800 ELO and still rank top 20 on leader board. Point is HM skills are also a balance factor, the only thing that needs to be done is allow every player to have them in arena for free, Then it would be balanced. I'll joint down what I have tested BD level 48 no HM skills: ~1840 ELO (was playing last night 20 wins- 2 losses) BD level 50 HM 11 all HM skills: ~1880 ELO ------------------------- BM level 50 HM 5 NO HM Skills: ~1670 ELO Couldn't budge past 1700 BM level 50 ALL pvp HM skills: ~1780 ELO ---After the certificate Bundle pack (: ---Haven't played in a week or 2 tho ----------------------- WL level 50 only Soul Shackle HM: ~1710 ELO --- ----------------------- SF level 50 HM 8 without HM skills: ~1680 ELO (had trouble breaching into 1700) SF level 50 HM 8 ALL HM skills: ~1820 ELO Easily I haven't tried much on the other classes yet but overall it seems some classes without HM will conquer easily while some face a wall without them
  5. Too much RnG

    Yap i'm on the same boat, I would do the same to if RnG wasn't a factor
  6. Hackers in pvp...

    if anything my performance has gotten worse since GG got removed so meh.....this game is a mess
  7. The arena and the ping

    Arena ping spikes have been a problem for a long time now i agree but a normal 150s shouldn't be an issue.......200+ sure but its playable with 150ms which is my normal average ping and im doing pretty fine in places like arena. But yah this game has huge connection problems
  8. Can't Change Faction?

    On Mushin server where the factions are even on both sides, when i visit the npc the change is greyed out for me even tho i have enough gold, and i typed the "Change" correctly also even deleted my faction outfit.
  9. Can't Change Faction?

    Can we get a conformation on this NcSoft? 2nd day can't change factions
  10. Can't Change Faction?

    I have been in same faction for months now and my friend is having same problem
  11. Should have just auto upgrade Hongmoon Weap?

    In my opinion this is a lot much better and waaaaaaaaaaay more alt friendly. And i have 9 alts and i have geared a few and i been through the struggle. This system makes it much simpler to gear them, and much smoother oh and so much cheaper.
  12. Nc soft being always incapable

    Windows 10 Yah i have tired alt tabbing, i have like many apps open like chrome, notepad, WTF, while game is launched haven't had any problems yet....
  13. Nc soft being always incapable

    Well what you expect, people rushed them into bringing the 64 for me its working perfectly fine, game is waaay smother then before. Just give it time.
  14. Season of Triumph

    Tower of Infinity - Season of Triumph tickets are now required to enter the Tower of Infinity. So does this mean you can't use Season of fury tickets to enter the tower anymore? I don't remember it being like this when the previous season of tower of infinity ended.
  15. KR= no more 4 man mode?

    I do 4 man over 6 man for 2 reasons. Better Drop rates and more profit after bids. Basically in 4 man the gold gets distributed between 3 players instead of 5. Im not sure how hard mode works but Im going to assume you can do it in a party of 6. If that becomes a regular thing thats fine but i would still prefer doing it in a team of 4 or less.
  16. Can't transmute Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond?

    Only Craft I believe
  17. Can't transmute Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond?

    Well i suppose its a barrier? I mean so many people have 35 AP gem and to allow the upgrade to the next tier so easily wouldn't be such a great thing.
  18. constant lag spikes in arena for the last 2 weeks

    Same thing on my side, lol infact just exactly about 10 mins ago lost a match just when i was about to unleash the finish hits ping spiked 500+ ms and then next match back to regular 120-150ms. It just happens waay to randomly and i dont believe its on my side of the connection.
  19. Bruh you shouldn't even be running blackram narrows! you get a chest from quest and a viridian key from survey, use that key and you'll have the weapon you need. Unless you screwed up gg >_>
  20. I haven't tried this method before but try....making a character on a different account get it to like level 16 and transfer gold to it then ofc buy hongmoon coins and gift it to your self. Again i haven;t tried it myself but it should work with no problem.
  21. Sacred Oil ?

    Agreed, really depends on where you gear falls in. If your 500-600ap and not expecting to work on your soul anytime soon then its best to invest and priorities a different equipment
  22. at 24th I would have expected a gitft

    Meh, people going to whine no matter what they are given, its never enough. I honestly think the pack of wonders was a great event/gift, didn't spend a single $ only sold gold and was able to get a bunch of crap for a very cheap price especially loved the 30 mysterious crystal, and Radiant Energy....was able to transmute 2 gems to next tier thanks to this event and i didn;t even expect to upgrade them any time soon at least not until next trove. What more? I didn't spend a single $ just bunch of HM coins saved up from before. So really even F2P players had a fun ride this event.
  23. Arena pvp Questions

    No, its the same there i haven't had much encounter with bots. Maybe its cause i tend to rank high early in the season like first day and now they made it that in arena if you already ranked 1600+ then next season you'll start at 1500
  24. Arena pvp Questions

    no i haven't encountered bots in couple months now, at least 3 months now and i would consider myself active arena player