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  1. This might help
  2. Quitting the game - reasons

    I find arena balanced besides WL's latest change to Helix spamming.....And this is coming from someone who's experienced it on all classes and ranked high. Though in all honesty the pvp ranking system is based of your class ranking so.....your competing on the same platform as the people in your class too. You are all rated on the same scale and thats how rewards are distrusted. That's the good thing about BnS.
  3. Soul as a usable item to trigger the buff.

    I like the idea but still I think the buff should still remain to the perspective classes especially Soul burn. Just to make each class unique in a way and special.
  4. April 15, and the best you'll probably get out of that is a 7 day premium so don't get too excited
  5. Alienware Arena Stratus Pack Key Giveaway

    Can't even register been trying from time to time in the past few hours......
  6. Blade Dancer Fissure skill gone

    Falcon recovery isn't gone, just UI makes it seem its gone. It states it on the top. But it seems like they removed the 100% chance cri on sunder during daze =_=
  7. The RNG in this game freakin sucks

    The evolution streamlining, I mean I haven't run a new alt since they put this into motion but from my knowledge you shouldn't be haunting for weapon sacrifices and such until silver frost stages (until Ivory weapon) Should be getting everything you need from the questing.
  8. The RNG in this game freakin sucks

    Ehhh.....people still open those chests for their weapon? I thought the new weapon system just gave you all that jack
  9. Forced event - Trove

    Not forced at all not even one bit because market prices go reeallllly down. If you don't trust your luck in the trove then buy out the cheap market which really should satisfy one for the most part.
  10. Maintenance?

    That's the message the system is giving me at the pin stage after non stop disconnections
  11. As the title says, anyone have a logical reason? while its fellow gems and ones of higher tier dont even take a i missing something?
  12. Why is this Gem 5g to Mail

    RIGHT!! exactly what i am trying to get at.....i like to transfer this gem between alts and every time it makes me throw up just having to pay 5g to transfer it
  13. Why is this Gem 5g to Mail

    Still seeking an answer to this, an answer from GMs at least?
  14. Why is this Gem 5g to Mail

    From what i seen its the only gem that was priced this much cause i got some of my other gems before it and don't cost over a silver.
  15. Why is this Gem 5g to Mail

    Its not from the trove event, was from an event. And no its the only account bound gem to cost more then bronze.
  16. Trove key limit

    Previous trove events used to limit 10 i believe lol and rests are 7pm est
  17. Why is this Gem 5g to Mail

    lool, but for real for this a bug? or something un-intended
  18. Yes, it sucks to watch the whales eat up all the goodies in the trove while we pray to the RnG gods but look on the bright side this massively reduces price on key items in game such as Silverforst Premium TS, Forging Orb(reduced in price half), Flower of Lament, Soulstones, moonstones, Asura ember, and the big one of all Honory ornament!!! Finally I can ram through my legendary weapon upgrade, its still on True Ivorymoon been waiting on this chance to cap through legendary stage and knock on Raven's door. Mat costs for upgrades have really went down by a ton. If i was to upgrade a week or two ago i would have pretty much spent the double the costs but the trove has changed things around. So really take this time to do upgrades rather then throwing gold in CTR C, and also you had a while to get prepared for this if you been playing the past few months....just me myself was able to farm over 2k Hongmoon coins in arena due to the reward changes, oh man did i obtain a load of Venture Tokens.....BnS is all about alts xD but any who point is Honorary ornaments were 18 gold a piece last night when i went to sleep, 13 gold now, the moment to act is now. Just thinking about it i'll be saving over 700 gold off premium TS.
  19. Why The Trove Is Good for F2P

    Thats some amazing luck lol grats
  20. Suggestion: High Ping damage buff? when i have terrible ping on somedays the thing that frustrates me isn't my damage lol thats never the case.........the problem is how slow paced the combat gets, how difficult it is to evade big threat hits, if anything dps ain't the problem because at the end of the day its enjoying the combat and having fun. When it comes to High ping there is more to it than lack of dps thats all i am saying.
  21. Why The Trove Is Good for F2P

    Yes I really agree with you on the Solar Eclipse, It should been like the sunrise action hero(tradeable) This probably one of the big problems in this seasons trove and also the fact that the outfit is veeeery rare.
  22. From what i seen so far...they might not be included in the trove @_@
  23. Why The Trove Is Good for F2P

    LMFAO........ehh i wish i sold all these wisdom stones when they were like 40g @_@
  24. Going afk its gucci

    You are right and BnS community is so bad it needs a vote kick will do more good then harm, at least developers should look for a way to resolve this afk issue if not a vote kick.....there have been a few good suggested ideas.
  25. Going afk its gucci

    I played MMO's with a kick feature, hardly ever abused. At least set some rules for a quick method and also pretty much most of the time you enter cross server for dungeons where its you majority of the times you won't encounter a team full of friends, sure a group of 2 but a group of 4 or more that are buddies nope