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  1. You don't have to be a F2P to agree with this lol. Here is someone who opened 1k keys and got another 1k free Refunded 1k keys First 1k keys
  2. Compensation?

    The trove isn't forever.....and the economy can only get worse. But lol why am I complaining all I do is just sucks to see how the game is handled.
  3. Compensation?

    I get what your saying, I spent keys and got trash as well but do you have any idea how much it would ruin the economy if everyone got full refund? you might as well say good bye to BnS. A friend of mine spent about 50 keys and im not even going to go into detail on how much profit he made, just know its huge. Some people already got in their bags 5-10kg worth of trove items(tradeable) after spending chunks of keys. And you want to full refund that? *face palm* It would kill the game.
  4. Compensation?

    This is a terrible analogy lmao, its not like you didn't win anything from the trove. Even without the hepta gems there is still a lot in the trove to profit from and I seen many friends who spent a lot of keys and got really huge profits.....won't make any sense to give them a huge/full refund of keys. They should just let players pick an item(s) of their choosing from the list of items in the trove(depending on how many keys used).
  5. Account bound ones are more pricey? Also when you buy the Sealed ones the price doesn't increase but on the bound ones, the prices sky rocket with each stack.... Not that it matters but might as well get rid of the regular bound Naryu Tablets and replace with a different item lol
  6. This is what the trove is
  7. Blade and soul launcher cannot be found

    Check your file directories maybe :o is the shortcut in the proper folder and such(not an expert) your best solution is support!
  8. Act VII or Khanda Vihar?

    Khanda! resets happen tonight so get your 10g and fruits today + other goodies and also tomorrow as well.
  9. Best gath and craft guild to invest?

    Once you have a decent amount of gold 200-300+ gold, you can invest in Empyrean Spirit Charm's, their really profitable. Only thing is that this is best with multiple char's like for instance, I use about 5 alts to receive daily profits from crafting it otherwise It will take like a week to craft a single on lol unless you buy the mats of the market which reduces the profit greatly. But overall it's about 50-65g profit depending on the markets condition....Also the royal Dye is profitable as well which is on the same stream line as Empyrean Charms. As for gatherings mamosu bone's and sweet potato's seem the most profitable. Now I don't know if these are the best but this is how I been personally doing craft profits. Simple and easy if you got the right conditions down, such has 5x alts that can craft Violet Honey Cookie.
  10. New Player

    Haha maybe translations in some other regions O_o but it's all good. And good luck with your clan (:
  11. New Player

    I can relate, Blade and Soul guides were really confusing to me at first as much information xD and as for the case with clans just keep in mind its faster and easier to upgrade/level your clan once your more geared, but overall its fun to build one up and if you want to get right into that while new to the game thats totally fine too (: and as for your latest question, where did you see these legendary weapons with higher stats(Sry I don't main a KFM) but from my knowledge in the current NA patch there is no weapon with higher stats then Raven pve wise. All top ranked and most geared KFMs are running around with Raven :o If there was anything better that wouldn't been the case.
  12. New Player

    The first question is a bit confusing, but if I had to give the answer from my understanding it would be that if you have all the materials for the selected end point then you can obtain that stage...and all the upgrading is manual, the game will ask you to confirm from point to point if you wanted to process an upgrade. Also a tip, I recommend you to join a maxed out clan(many out there) There are some benefits that come along with it and they are best for new players and someone who is going to be doing lots of upgrades, will save you a decent amount of gold on upgrades. Extra Tips: Make the best out of your crafts (major gold income on BnS)......When you have the time level an alt or two to level 50(best for game events and crafting)....
  13. Allow to leave party during in-progress LFG

    It's intended to avoid players from searching dungeons that are already at end....If this was implemented you could just LFP and hope there is a dungeon near final bosses and if instead you end up in LFP with other players just leave and try a different dungeon....Tho there are some who just LFP without that intention and get stuck in Que so it is annoying at those times
  14. New vs Old Skill System

    It does lol......I'm seeing it on my screen right now.
  15. Bns on desktop icon is not working,Help!

    Nope, never had the issue. Try support and also check the file directory for your launcher.
  16. New vs Old Skill System

    When you hover on the book, if you have the skill icon selected and haven't learned the HM skill yet it highlights in Green what difference the HM makes.
  17. New vs Old Skill System

    Newer one also tells you what unlocking HM skills do o.o
  18. I think it has improved, while some think it hasn't. There is 64 bit client now which seems to have made a difference. You'll just have to see it for your self O_o
  19. Time to add Moonstone pouches to Soulstone Plains?

    Don't remember Soul shield primers ever requiring moonstones O.O and Yah Silverfrost Trans stones do take 10 moonstones but one needs like what 10-20 of them for gear progression? Last time I crafted one was ages ago.
  20. Time to add Moonstone pouches to Soulstone Plains?

    Am I missing out on something? What actual craft or transmute requires you to use a large amount of moonstone?
  21. Im 99% sure weapon chests are rigged ...

    I know but it happened, I swear! I thought it was a bug. It was during the Trove event. I was just buying weapon chests for my upgrading. Each time i got a chest and opened it I got my weapon starting from the SoulStones plain one
  22. Im 99% sure weapon chests are rigged ...

    From True Ivory to Stage 7 Legendary Baleful, I used only 1 chest regular keys on each chest mind below to pieces. Unfortunely had to buy the key for the one to stage 10 which required accursed weapon from soguns lament. Opened like 5 chests and Soguns is waaaay to long
  23. same lvl battelfield

    It's Just like FrozenB said, Just because their below HM 10 or even HM 5 doesn't mean they can't still one shot players. You can be HM 1 and still be heavily geared like someone HM 10+ and also many people just can't PVP. They don't know the in's and outs of classes they haven't played.
  24. No Daily Challenge again today

    Read in between the lines, the dungeons have been made too easy. That's what I meant by solo.
  25. No Daily Challenge again today

    They gave massive increases in overall average APs, The dungeons you listed give a massive boost in AP while the event lasts....and biggest of all there are EASY mode dungeons now! I don't see any reason to be butthurt, you could be soloing these dungeons with latest patch changes.