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  1. Hey everyone Sooo.. i dont know really when this is gonna happen, i atleast expected the beans to appear somewhat but didnt seem so... Just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything related to those things?
  2. Hey guys Just saying for everyone that has that and tried everything like disabling firewall, reinstall client etc etc. If you use Razer synapse or maybe even any other program that lets you make macros, just literally remove the macros in the program like delete them. I couldnt play for 4h yesterday because of that issue cause of constant crashes, then i closed razer synapse and it seemed to have worked. Today though i just removed all the macros and seemed to work again. Seems like the macros have a big problem with gameguard. I hope it helps anyone out there Regards Rinako
  3. Anyway to fix crashing?

    There were a couple of issues aswell with razer synapse. If you use the software try playing the game while it is closed and every process of razer.
  4. Razer Synapse & GameGuard = Crash

    Ye i can also confirm that Razer Synapse seems to have been causing the problem. Though my friend seems to use it and has no issues uses windows 8.1 instead of 10 (which i use) but maybe the macros in synapse or so cause some problem with the GameGuard. Glad i found this post thank you
  5. Razer Synapse & GameGuard = Crash

    Gonna try this razer synapse thing now if that doesnt work...then i have no idea what to do
  6. Random Crash after approx. 5min

    If you use Razer Synapse it might cause a lot of issues aswell maybe try disabling that
  7. Random Crash after approx. 5min

    Not sure about the loadscreens issue there i heard that a known issue is on cutscenes if you skip to fast you most likely will crash but for me its really random and not sure about your loading screen problem is it giving any error message atleast?
  8. Hey Guys Well to put it simple, the game literally crashes independant of any action in the game (after 5min or so literally counted it doesnt matter though) I tried redownloading the game/client, reinstallling drivers, disabling firewall, Closing all programs, stopped overclocking, Disabled a lot of unnecessary services, I tried also reinstalling the directx or VSB C++ with no hope at all. I just wanted to know or see if anyone out there had the same problems and tried something that actually worked. Regards Rinako