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  1. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    I find it funny how quickly they answer posts when it comes to questions about buying nCoin but when it comes to game optimization they are as silent as 2,000 year old mummy.
  2. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    Well gameguard prevents you from even logging into the game berry naisss http://imgur.com/6bdtVg5
  3. suggestion for blade dancers (LBM)

    What build are you using to do said events? Are you ani canceling like a boss or nah?
  4. even better http://imgur.com/yNBrIWw
  5. BD solo capability

    It may just have to do with the fact that they used the wrong spec or they were severely undgeared for the dungeon they were trying to solo. Then again we don't get to faceroll everything like summoners but you should be able to fair well in any dungeon. Are you having trouble with your spec?
  6. BD solo capability

    In the case of Mushin I would say that it is slightly gear dependent but not overly so. It's mostly having to do with using your CC correctly and timing your iframes the same as any other class imo. You have skills that give you healing and block at the same time which is op for solo mode :P
  7. Wish Silverfrost was never released.

    It almost feels like the game has become a lot more unstable than it was before with this current patch. Everything seems more buggy AND the fact that they released this expansion with out letting us know ahead of time really screwed with the economy. All I'm seeing on Poharan is a wave of emptiness you don't see as many people as you used to when the 45 content was still in.
  8. Blade And Soul Guide for "Dummies"

    Wrong Forum sub-section should be under player to player support
  9. TY NCSOFT for...

    I keep giving them the benefit of the doubt but stuff like this just keeps happening and more and more I'm starting to realize that they really don't give a shit about keeping their customers. My premium ended and I don't think I'm going to spend another dime on this game but hey they already won cause they got my money in the first place right?
  10. Arena Bug

    I've come across a bug where my opponent has a clone of himself in the arena.
  11. Queue is BS!!!

    Need to start joining queue before you leave to work in the morning that way you will have a chance of playing 5 hours after you get home from an 8 hour shift lmao