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  1. Seems like this thread has spawned some -mostly- reasonable debates.
  2. The main thing that drove me from FFXIV, was the lack of customization, same thing for TERA. Sure FF you could pick SOME skills from other classes you've leveled, but the skills you got were either mandatory or useless, leaving only MAYBE 1 or 2 options. Tera had Glyphs you can put on skills, that slightly augmented them, but hardly actually changed how your character plays. BnS however, the skill system can fully change how skills work, and gives TONS of options to work with, completly changing gameplay for a single class! But yes, While I give GW2 much praise, in the end I f
  3. I love openworld environments, I love exploring. Granted I wish there weren't so many invisible walls blocking my path... But yes, the questing system sucks, especially in crowded areas, it's simply not fun having to compete with other players to kill your 20 mobs, or that one single mob, having to wait for respawn because someone else tagged it before you and people don't like to form a line and wait their turn. *points to own GW2 speech a few posts up* But Yes, the combat, this is what I love the most! GW2 doesn't even compete in that regard!
  4. I personally believe Guild Wars 2 to be rather groundbreaking. Tearing down the concepts with loot and rewards. Tearing down the requirement of a Holy Trinity. Sure some MMOs have done it, but I feel GW2 was the first that really set how I feel loot should be handled! Doesn't matter if you're in a party or not, if you contribute to ANY mob, all players involved get credit, either it for Quest completion and/or loot and XP. It's not as broken as developers thought to do so, and GW2 proved that.
  5. It would have been groundbreaking had it come out closer to its debut in 2009. I never heard of TERA before BnS, but it took its sweet time getting to the states, in favor of Wildstar. I was excited for what I deemed the age of action MMOs.
  6. What it does do, isn't exactly plain as day. It's more that the things it does do, are often streamlined, smoother, and easier to get into. However alot is still up for debate, some may like some don't. I for one just got tired of the same old stuff, howeverything had gotten easier to do, there's less enjoyment doing "hard" quests everyone's done. Some are only hard if you solo them, get a group, okay, easy! I miss the class quests, like... trying to find the necklace peice for the Sea travel form for druids, when it was all the way out in the Fatigue zone. I died alot, then they made i
  7. I also agree with that. At least in BnS you can take the outfit off, and not worry about it, however there's still the age old issue of mobs and such are not shared. Someone tags it, no sense in helping them. Common NCsoft, you should take after Guild Wars 2 more! Where it encourages people to work together!
  8. See? Now you're getting it! :D It's as I said before, even MUCKs/MUDs were the MMOs prior.
  9. Ultima Online - September 24, 1997
  10. I don't know about "True MMO" Many will argue Everquest was the first "true MMO" and even before that, Ultima Online, and a several other games or even MUCKs from like the 80s or 70s I think. I don't like Raiding content, instanced, while useful, I much prefer an open world. Where the true MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER part is. Instanced content segregates the Massive part, and leaves it simply as a Multiplayer RPG. I don't like Battlegrounds or Arenas either, but I love PvP, but I'm not a fan of ganking. If a player is out doing quests for the faction, okay, free game, though pref
  11. While me, I only played WoD, because a friend convinced me to try it. I liked leveling up my first character through it, it was fun, there was exploration... granted Addons ruined alot of the exploration... but that's another topic. However... after that... WoW got boring again. I skipped MoP entirely. I took my level 90 boost and played, because I didn't want to deal with MoP leveling. Blade and Soul has nice combat, and PvP feels like it is far more skill based than gear. knowing how to use your skills, customizing your build, rather than rely on big numbers from gear (They
  12. It is kind of an Apples and Oranges here. Both are fruits, both have the modern design of dungeons = loot. They are a Theme park, yes, but I f eel they are still different enough with gameplay. The action combat design, I personally like more, some might like the simple Tab Target. Features, that's what it boils down to, and BnS has alot of new features WoW doesn't have, while WoW has some that BnS does not. Sadly we can't have an MMO exactly what we like, so we take what we like, or we trudge through an MMO we've already spent years on, simply because we already invested so much int
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