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  1. Show off your characters!!

    http://imgur.com/jAMjtvJ My FM, took 2 hour to finish .... WORTH
  2. Show off your characters!!

    I'm back again with that "I don't give a damn about this life" Lyn !!! <3
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Took 2 hour to make my Warlock and 1 hour for my Destroyer ..... cant stop staring of them now o______0
  4. Force Master pve in general

    Ani-cancel is pretty simple just need a little bit of practice, dont spam or hold keys. Ani-cancel actually slower than u think, just press LMB then R then 2 repeatedly
  5. Force Master pve in general

    Well u got ur wish in the upcoming patch, with 3 skill of total 24-26s of burning :P So even if other FM mess up ur timer u might be able to burn the boss forever
  6. Force Master pve in general

    This is what an Extremely Geared FM can do ( Mushin tower) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goA4PFbgMV8&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX2sZea-jxw
  7. Force Master pve in general

    You just need to set ur LMB to something else like Numb 0 You need to have 3 fire orb and 3 ice orb to use it, but I would not recommend it. Next patch we will have much ezier time to gain fire orb bc of Hongmoon skill. The next patch Hongmoon skill will buff our class to the next level. More duration of burning for C and X, so you dont have trouble timing it and just put out maximum damage, Fire F will instantly give fire orb instead of waiting for crit, you can spec insta cast on Twin Dragon if u want to next patch, it will buff your damage. In my opinion, next patch rotation should be this, Fire/Ice 3 orb -> Twin Dragon (2s cast) -> LMB/RMB till 5 ember stack -> X -> LMB/RMB + 2 -> C burn for 10s -> repeat
  8. Force Master pve in general

    This is my Fire Build and I can share with you some tip https://bnstree.com/FM?build=45000002553225632265332501138011106332513323533241222632124911239222372224321 1. You can set your LB/RB to your R key and spam it to ani-cancel 2. Learn to time your burn timer ( skill 1 burn for 4s with 5 stack of ember, X burn for 6s) and reapply burn, your damage will mainly come from RB,LB and 2 3. Learn to I frame such as Q, E, ice tab, V 4. Practice to kite and spam at the same time, dont stand still, you will deal a lot of damage that will pull aggro of boss unless there is a Summoner taunt for you 5. C to regen focus, ice/fire F to regen focus :3 have fun