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  1. Yes, thing is I sent a tikect and they told ''We have reviewed your inquiry and verified that it is working as intended.'' but is not I talked with different Top Pvp players and they said the same thing is a bug.
  2. Hello there everyone, I've discovered a couple bugs with warlock in pvp. The most annoying one is when a blade master can block my skill Tether Blade (KD). As you can see in the description of Tether Blade, it says that it "pierces defense and parry skills." That means it's supposed to go through any block. The thing is I tried Tether Blade with different classes' blocks like gunner block, warden block, kfm block, sf block, warlock block etc. With blade master, it also works BUT it only "pierces defense skills." If you are not really into pvp, "pierces defense skills" means that I can use a skill and it can't be blocked by a normal block (not talking about iframes etc) just a normal block, it works perfectly with BM. Now the thing is, blade master's block has 1 more description , it "parries multiple attacks for 0,5 sec." so if you use your Tether Blade (KD) skill right when a blade master is going to block, it's going to be blocked and the blade master will get resist cyclone. That is a really annoying bug because if you read what the warlock skill Tether Blade does, it says it "pierces defense and PARRY skills" which means it's not supposed to be blocked by a parry skill. And just to provide an example, blade dancer, destroyer and other classes have the same skill as blade master ''parries multiple attacks for 0,5 sec'' and Tether Blade works on these classes but not for blade master , is it supposed to be like that? BM blocking my Tether Blade:
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    People got radiant energys instead of other item in the trove , and now its for nothing usseles item , just to change it for 10gold. What is the point to do this now then?. And honestly at least put the energys for 15 or 20 g to help that people who bought them for a really high price.
  4. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Is this a joke right?, It's funny the point and the logical they gives to us. Well ,some people got their radiants on trove and other people buy them for 15g-17g and add a plus with some people bought energys in f10 only because radiants are there for 30 ncoins, not joking but why you do this for your community? Where is the logical here? positive? , like hundreds of player are talking negative things every 5 min where is the ''positive'' here? This is a impact really high , maybe not for me , but for some people who bought Radiant energys for 15 - 17g , and yes, you right both powder and fragments are tradeable items but that items it not will cost 10g it gonna be EXPENSIVE so that point is illogical. And Honestly I'm tired to Watch your stream '' BladeandSoul Stream'' and try to see all the changes and stuff important for the next patch and when you think you are doing something good and right in last moment you just change this doing something bad for the players , I don't know what is the point to do stream to show us what is the news if u will change it in the last moment. greetings.
  5. Yes,,I post a topic to try explain this too , because is expensive and on Trial arena u can get only 8 , that is not enought.
  6. Legendary Elements - Event.

    Yes, or exchange 1 legendary element for other item , or something like that but 20 g for 1 Legendary element ,it's like a dead price,''You know already u will need to pay an amount price high and you can only use gold to get it''.
  7. Hello everyone, I made this post to talk about an essential and important ''mat'' to level up your weapon: With this new event ,you can level up your weapon really fast and easily, but the only problem is the expensive material to level it up called "Legendary element." Maybe early on, it's not a really big amount of gold to get the elements, but with time you need more and more, and now with this event I'm trying to level up my weapon to max riftwalk but with the legendary elements it cost a LOT when you don't have any to begin with, people talk about ''TROVE'' or ''F10'' . Ok , I know with trove it's easy to get elements and on f10 you can get some too, but when trove is here ''not confirmed if we'll have trove with the event'' and on f10 it's rarely available, so it's really hard to level up your weapon with this mat. Right now I have riftwalk 3. Last night I bought 10 elements from the dragon express to get my riftwalk, but 200g for only 10 elements is a really high price, for example, right now if I want to get Riftwalk stage 6 , I will need 60 elements , that is bassically 1200g only for elements. i'm not trying to say just give it to us easily . I just want another way to farm or craft or get the elements with time and work , not only with 20g on the dragon express ,because the price is really expensive in my opinion and I think that would help a lot for the people with raven and enjoy this event ''discounts upgrades'' for them too. Thank you for reading everyone and I hope everyone tries to understand the point about the undergeared people.
  8. Valentine's Costume

    I want the ouft ''Dive Team'' :(((
  9. Hello there,
  10. Game loading long time

    When I clicked Play in the launcher , the screen of the game don't loading , I can't login in the game.