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  1. Pinchy Bomb Griefing

    So I'm curious - can action be taken against players for bomb griefing on the Pinchy farm? IE, they continue grabbing bombs to hit other players with, specifically trying to prevent those other players from using the bombs to bring Pinchy out of hiding so the fight can be done.preventing those other players from bombing the mob and bringing him out of hiding. This has been going on in a few different channels with the same few people this morning, and they've been at it for an hour at least. It's not like this is PvP or anything since you can't really retaliate against them. Edit: Oh, and at least one of these people is 45, their only purpose is to grief everyone else actually trying to farm the boss gear. They even said so. :)
  2. Pinchy Bomb Griefing

    Yeah I've seen people mess around and bomb each other in between spawns, which doesn't really matter. But these people have openly stated they're just here to prevent anyone from killing the boss as much as possible, for no other reason than they can.
  3. Pinchy Bomb Griefing

    Intentionally attacking other players to prevent them from killing a boss, while avoiding retaliation because they're not actually flagging for PvP. Yeah, I'd call it griefing. :)
  4. Pinchy Bomb Griefing

    Because they've been switching channels themselves, going wherever there are people farming the boss (it's fairly empty right now given the time).
  5. cant buy ncoins "exceeded limit"

    This is an anti-fraud measure that happens after you purchase a certain (apparently random, but possibly large) amount of NCoin. You can file a ticket to support to have them lift it for a 24 hour period, but they can't remove the block permanently, nor will they tell you how long it lasts. Mine was a couple days.
  6. Dungeon level restriction?

    According to the screenshot though, you had lead. Why didn't you just votekick him? There were 3 of you, why didn't the other guy in the group also votekick him? I've already done it with a couple level 15s in blackram narrows runs.
  7. Tree Feller(Gathering Profession)

    Yeah, they didn't do a very good job of it. I think if you look at the physical tree out in the world, it still says paulownia too.
  8. Wardrobe questions

    It becomes removal-only. They stay in but once they're removed they can't go back in.
  9. Tree Feller(Gathering Profession)

    Oh, sorry, I missed what you said there. Paulownia sap = Yulan Magnolia sap. They renamed it for NA for some reason.
  10. What the hell are you snorting?
  11. Dungeon level restriction?

    Except they really don't meet the requirements. A level 22 in a level 36 dungeon is miles away from "meeting the requirements." Even a 5 level difference means one or two hit kills in these dungeons. They're getting carried by the party and ultimately dragging it down and potentially making the dungeon take that much longer by not contributing anything.
  12. Tree Feller(Gathering Profession)

    Did you raise your Tree Fellers level? If you look at each resource, it clearly tells you the level needed to place an order for it. If it has a lock sign on it, you need to level up the profession.
  13. New content arriving feb 10th, questions.

    Their teaser video for this patch released late last week showed the warlock at the end. And to quote the last line from the announcement page: " Stay tuned as we’ll have more information on the upcoming Rising Waters content over the next couple weeks."
  14. I got my Regium Corvus yesterday. :D

    Looks better on male characters. More outfit, less of the same oily skin and boobs we see on every other female costume.
  15. Cosmetics being account bound

    It's stupid, and they're working on something for it, but it may not be the perfect solution since it'll require further $ being spent.
  16. Sounds good - please don't make the consumable too pricey though, as costumes themselves aren't cheap by any means. I also hope this is going to apply to the outfit from buying a year of premium; given the price of that, I honestly think it should have the same account-bound status as the master's pack outfits already.
  17. Transfer outfits to another character?

    This was covered in another topic, they're working on being able to apply an item (which I hope they don't charge a ton for...) to costumes to make them account- instead of character-bound.
  18. Account-bound Costumes?

    What really got me is how the Silver Dragon outfit from buying 1 year of premium membership is also character bound? Something like that in particular should be account bound, for the amount of money you spent to get it as a reward.
  19. Premium Member Queue

    Well what do they expect to happen? If a bunch of people from one whole game decide to populate a single server in another, of course it's going to be slammed.
  20. Premium Member Queue

    Yes, because these people weren't smart enough to spread out to all the other servers.
  21. Compensation

    Here's an idea: pick a different server. There are plenty listed, if you want to play on the most populated server then you get to deal with the queue times for it.
  22. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    If you don't have a Razer product with the Razer Synapse software installed, then you're not going to see anything from Razer listed in your task manager.