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  1. Doodles 4 fun

  2. Mayu Artsu ♥

  3. let me doodle youu

    We did enough.. take it back
  4. Doodles 4 fun

  5. Doodles 4 fun

  6. Doodles 4 fun

  7. Doodles 4 fun

  8. My queue # actually got increased over time....

    This is every non premium person right now
  9. What are you playing right now?

    Bots are playing bns while we're just here shitposting
  10. Doodles 4 fun

    I got inspired from a forum to make another forum about that forum Just doodle a reply from the comment above... Sooooooooo
  11. People acting superior

    Edge, i hope ur not a edgelord that post edgy life stories
  12. Need my Lyn doodled

    This is the best