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  1. 24 man dungeon crashing people

    well i was thinking that also but u would think GM's would take servers offline to build security to stop the attack, also because of ur name and the fact that link dont help us in anyway im not gonna click it
  2. 24 man dungeon crashing people

    for the last 5 logins i did and trying to do this dungeon it has crash me and more then half the alliance i cant even log in it selling me password wrong all i get is lag then booted i know my pc is more than strong anuff to play a 8 year old game hope the GM's can shed light on this maybe tell us why and what to do to stop it seems to be a chain reaction when people start to get d/c'ed from dungeon people get kicked odd anuff seems like prem players arn't being kicked just non-prems
  3. Why everyone is quiting

    With a game culture it brought about elitism just like FFxi and Ffxiv its rule by any mean
  4. Hacks etc etc

    well said you both nothing more i can say you covered it i hope Ncsoft reads those and takes it to heart and loses from of that 100+ million they made and fixes this
  5. Hacks etc etc

    they could they take good things fromt he game all the time the fact they changed WL even a little shows that because they werent and arnt over powered they lowered Cast time of alot of skills
  6. Hacks etc etc

    that being said i beg the GM's to give all the classes there power back give smn poison effects for lmb give BM there true Lighting circle damage and the duration give WL there life steal back and pet duration all u did by nurfing them was create a fixed season considering the lag problem too this Season is no doubt the season is rigged
  7. Hacks etc etc

    i agree but gaming keyboards give me this option and it plan to see the BM and Sins that use them some FM's
  8. Hacks etc etc

    I hear ya man, but i doubt they will ever solve this botter problwem nor do i think they want to this first season needs to be called off because of the Resist smn bots u cant even hurt most of them, i doubt they are considering this, but thinking back to 3 day headstart they didnt nip this problem in the bud so doubt they will they seem to be hell bent of making us pay more and more money i guess till magic blade is released and no one plays this anymore i rather go back to the Rus or CN server at this rate i cant read or write to GM but i know they are on such problems and solved them already i guess they are letting this happen to make it appear they do something whos to say not they they never speak to us unless they are making money in some way or getting views they could answer question on forum but they dont why people dont question this shady team i will never know
  9. Heartbreaker Quest

    yes the cmd "/Dance" and "/Dance1" Aren't working if the cmd was changed could we get an update email? or a cmd list
  10. How to unlock skills?

    im starting to wonder if the skills are int he game i bought the fan, and nothing if BSH has a item in it what item can i get a link to something but i hope some day a GM responds to something we say here and tells us because trying to figure this stuff out is too much considering we have 4 versions of this game to compare or hope they fill the wiki as fan im kinda paying them for prem and stuff i rather they fill the wiki up with info on our game over these prem perks

    same here i only d/c in mushin tower no other place only on floor 7 during my finishing acts to kill him every time i go up there
  12. KFM Gapple glitch

    i been playing KFM on your server for abit i been seeing KFM's drain a ton of life via the grapple then number 2 punch i been seeing that when you air grapple and punch the drain don't work i am not sure if it should but its still a grapple even int he air is this a proc thing or the writing in the skills makes it seem like a every time thing
  13. Typo on the maintainse today or?

    lol which was typo the 4 hour
  14. wardrobe/friend list not working

    also a glitch that happens where you see people online that logged off
  15. after the patch today my wardobe isnt working it says its unable to access and my friend list iant neither wont display anything on friends list but blocks list is fine