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  1. Yes this issue annoys me as well, I am glad someone brought it up.
  2. As someone who plays mostly pvp, removing beans will remove my only source of income. I just spent 110gold today buying emberstomp hm skill, without my beans im sure I will never get it. Yes bots are boring, but if you are still playing against 100% bots then I am sorry, I really do feel bad for you as those bots take less than 10 sec to beat, except for BMs.
  3. Post a screenshot of your kfm or destroyer hitting diamond, then lets talk about ani-cancel. A bronze talking about game mechanic is nonsense, if you are still seeing waves of bots then you can stop already. Input consistency isn't important? Say it to any street fighter player who fked up their combo in tournament and I am sure they won't be smashing their joysticks. Again, 3rf can be done by mashing keyboard. LOL 1st, what the heck did you burn your tab for? If you somehow get 100% to 0 then I am sorry, you misjudged your tab timing. 2nd, ALL class
  4. In Blade & Soul, animation cancelling is the default action. There’s no thought involved, just carpal tunnel inducing key mashing. Since when does mindless key mashing improve a game? Never Op, you realize that animation cancelling is not as easy as mashing your keyboard right? Try it on destroyer, mash the button and you will be out of chi, heck this isnt even kfm's 3rf yet. As for macro, no they aren't good in PVP. As far as i know, ncsoft's cheap server has fluctuating pings. By using macro, you will actually perform worse than someone who performs combo and adjust h
  5. Do you have an Asus motherboard? If so turn off the asus game service in task manager.
  6. It is never about the snares, its about 1 or 2 chill stacks. Having chill stack on BD all the time eliminates their ability to engage.
  7. Shoujo is recruiting crimson members to fk up the blues :D. We are currently small guild with less than 10 ppl But we are dedicated to PVP with 3 plats and 1 diamond. Our goal is to revenge!
  8. Hmmm no, as long as you have chill stack on the BD, he should not have ANY reliable engage except for the grab, you can literally sit in you divine veil and safely chipping him out.
  9. Imo blue buff is a must. A good KFM won't really commit any of his stuns(not daze) until the tab is gone, and for them to do so it isnt very hard. Their knockdowns has shorter cooldown than destroyer's iframe, and KD is what a KFM is suppose to do against any of the spinning classes. Red buff while provides you with great burst, you simple won't have the opportunity to use it and the best you can get is force a tab(and red furry is what otherclasses save their tabs for).
  10. well personally i fought a few bots but they were pretty easy to beat with certain classes. Namingly with KFM or DES, each rounds lasts about only 10 sec, its just a combo practise. However I did not see any bots with hacks yet and until those bots made into higher rank, I cant really tell if the bots are beatable.Insert other media
  11. Does anyone else have this problem? Its been 4 times now that I fought for 30+min and not getting my reward. Normally in an empty area with all setting max i can get up to 120 fps. Problem is when fighting BW i turn everything to low (yes even the low end pc option) and it is still happening. It is very frustrating and considering there is not much else to do, makes it even worse.
  12. I am waiting til the day you become the world champion with kfm. Any of your damaging combo requires focus, without the auto you will run out of focus quite easily or you are not just doing the maximum damage, and auto requires the least amount of time to cancel, if there is another skill that is better compare to auto then please teach me. And no, silver to low gold doesn't prove anything, majority of people don't even have the right spec.
  13. I have heard people saying as long as one has a ping of below 110, he should be able to perform KFM's 3rf combos. With ping test i have around 90 ping to the game server, but whenever I tried, my combo never connects as it should be. An example would be V->3rx->4x 3rf, there will be around .1 sec where the opponent isnt stunned and therefor, I would get punished for it. Should I even bother with KFM? ps. seriously why isnt server in Chicago like other big games?
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