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  1. RIP Servers again

    Managed to get in just to DC once again with error 1000 (whatever the hell rest) and now get notice "Servers are currently undergoing maintenance" Its like every day i discover new message or error window that never happened before Its like a surprise wheel just...a totally unpleasant one,which you are paying for as well..
  2. RIP Servers again

    thats a lie; I still have the infinite Connecting on character screen You troll you
  3. RIP Servers again

    This is so sad. I mean first deal with maintenances during day and peak times....ok... Come back to play during night? NOPE,bugs and maintentances eventually WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!???
  4. RIP Servers again

    hahahah :D
  5. RIP Servers again

    EU players logging in...
  6. RIP Servers again

    AHAHAH yes
  7. RIP Servers again

    Muahahah Its like...I have more anxiety playing this game and crashing and waiting for maintenances than i ever had back in high school trying to get my crush to notice me I fkn hate going back to those time;this is EXACTLY that
  8. RIP Servers again

    Euro is stronger than Dollar,dunno why they dont want our money :D bad call,bad call
  9. RIP Servers again

    I want some of that gold then, how else am i going to afford buying hair color to cover the grey hairs from stressing about all this BNS EU server bullsheeet
  10. RIP Servers again

    After getting stuck in talk to npc window,restarted client few times just to get all this... 1. You have been disconnected from the server 2. Infinite Connecting at the character screen 3. You are already logged in from another location (wtf) Are EU servers ever going to work? I cant play during night,i cant play during day There better be some premius compensation as in 3 days extra or something,this is not right
  11. Can NCSoft add more payment gateway?

    I got a bunch of phone credit,maybe add some sms or call option
  12. How to kill the bots.

    GM should just make all those bots wear attackable pvp armor and everyone can come and use them as a punching bag,at least some fun out of it. They look boring and hideous standing idle like that,they should be crawling in downed mode :3
  13. I've created a monster....

    Its a Slenderyun
  14. Stuck on Noob Island

    That sounds so wrong in so many ways